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Turn on the r's and shout the ak's
Detonations can be heard nearby
Neighborhoods fighting
They split sides' to see who gets the market
Or they come out chota' when the feds come and squeeze the nuts'
And others are seen for not passing prote and passing on to the one who this prisoner rents
That's how you live where I was born
This is a 'you take off to put me on'
And don't forget where I'm from, bobolon
Respect for the bad, here I put my hand
Here they go for the tar, said the Martian
We're in the heat, on the island of fright
Whoever crashes, they sing their faces'
Walk along the shore and, motherfucker, don't front up so much
Where you get caught, they're going to give you a few'
From jm to virgil
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We put you running and asking for help
With pacho, by the goya los trillo
I send him' and we get into the castle
This is p.r., 100x35, with both hands hold on
If you can't stand pressure, motherfucker, take a pass and fuck off, move
I'm still para'o in mine, mine
I know you knew it'-bía'
I have sticks
And I also have a 'certified' plaque by the riaa-riaa
My music wasn't out yet
But you knew me'
I was red
And my people selling what your people were sinking
And I go out on the street and get hooked on my skinny
Without the pylon, the toston is crushed, I'
You're still frontendo
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And I keep nailing these seven inches' inside your cat
Rapping look for the bale
I called my minors, bought a couple of ak's
And our enemies kept falling'
Little by little they left the map, wao'
I put a lot in it, not a little bit
Piquete full, I have leftover saoco
If I'm wrong' and I'm crazy
I send a corduroy of mine to give you some', prra
Chorus 1
You know how I am, you know how I do
Bandit for life as a gift and tego
I smoke them and by the glass I hit them
I'll set them up for coal and send them fire
You know how I am, how I do
I'm looking for mine and then I take off
I shit on your mother and shit on your ego
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Don't look at me too much that you go blind
Verse 2
From tower to jm
And may he rest in peace
I prendemo' the stick in your face, motherfucker
So that in hell it burns you'
And we have the black and red r's
Son of a bitch, all of positions
And I'm a millionaire
And my don'am is making more ticket than all these bastards
Dressed all in red like Jordan
The ak are fulete', everything is welded
With ak's bullets they don't get up
Five million for a record, they bite, brr
I'm untouchable and they want to kill me
But tell me, who's going to put me in?
300 grand in the hull
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And they're going to turn you in and we're going to disappear you
And I bought the rolls royce all red
The pyramid with the eye
And I ping you' and your finger loosened you
And we're going to kill you with the one with an eye
Freddy's mask, jason's mask, motherfucker
And we're going to spoil you
I'm hunting with koa the tankers' diver
Son of a bitch, and we're going to dive you
You know how I am, I'm addicted to the street
I oil the sticks so they don't fail me
Road between death, the shadow of the valley
I don't care how much they rehearse it
You know how I am
Twenty sticks at the slow envoy kiosk in detroit
Quick kiosk in your castle, I was born poor but millo' I go
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In illinois the haze lockers
Disgusting bank accounts in the chase
I'm the bsa of these scarfaces
I've been more than tested since I was sixteen
Good doesn't cover up the bad
And my bad thing is said by all my sticks
Minimum one hundred caps' when pulling
Minimum fendi when I groom
So they can kill them if they just agonize
I go in everywhere and nobody checks me out
Ever since I came out, I've been killing
Like my chip just updates
Chorus 2
There's no respect for anyone, I don't let myself
I bought twenty rifles' and everyone's afraid of me
The short ones and the sticks, the toto' and the leather'
And I'm hanging out with robi draco sending fire
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There's no respect for anyone, I don't let myself
I bought twenty sticks, everyone's afraid of me
He cuts', the long ones, the toto' and the leather'
With the robi draco sending fire
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Austin Agustín Santos (born December 23, 1985), better known by his stage name Arcángel, is an American rapper, singer and songwriter. He was born in New York City to Dominican parents. While living in Puerto Rico, he formed part of a popular then-underground reggaeton act, Arcángel & De La Ghetto. The duo went on to make songs that became popular among reggaeton fans in the United States and Puerto Rico, including "Agresivo", "Sorpresa" and "Mi Fanática" during the mid-2000s. Arcángel went on to release his debut studio album, El Fenómeno, in late 2008. The album included songs such as "Pa' Que la Pases Bien" and "Por Amar a Ciegas", which went on to become successful airplay songs on American Latin Urban radio stations across the United States.
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