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Verse 1
Benito Martínez de Puerto Rico
Benito Martínez from Puerto Rico
Benito Martínez is the real name of the artist Bad Bunny
Empezamos de abajo ahora somos ricos
We started from the bottom now we are rich
'Empezamos' is the first person plural conjugation of the verb 'start' both in simple present and simple past. In this line it is clearly used in simple past.
Pero nunca olvido de donde salí
But I never forget where I came from
Y donde fue que mi primer tema escribí
And where was my first song that I wrote
'Tema' can be a synonym for 'canción' (song)
Siete ocho siete ocho cinco ocho
Seven eight seven eight five eight
787 is the country code used in Puerto Rico
Y el resto te lo doy después
And the rest I give you later
Desde San Juan hasta Mayagüez
From San Juan to Mayagüez
San Juan and Mayagüez are opposite sides of Puerto Rico
La Nueva Religión, dime si crees
The New Religion, tell me if you believe
Verse 2
Ayer era bagger
Yesterday I was a bagger
Bagger: a person whose job is to place items (such as groceries) in bags for customers
Hoy soy millonario
Today I am a millionaire
El bebé de mami
Mom's baby
El orgullo del barrio
The pride of the neighborhood
Significo poder
I signify power
Búscalo en el diccionario
Search it in the dictionary
Or: Look it up in the dictionary
Que este es Stephen Curry
That this is Stephen Curry
Me quieren los Warriors
The Warriors want me
Verse 3
Pero nada
But it's nothing
He rejects the idea of Warriors, implying he is still with Puerto Rico
Yo sigo en los Cangrejeros
I'm still with the Cangrejeros
Cangrejeros is a baseball team in Puerto Rico
Con los Capitanes y los Vaqueros
With the Captains and the Cowboys
These 2 are also basketball teams in Puerto Rico
Aunque mañana le dé la vuelta al mundo entero
Even if tomorrow I go around the whole world
Aunque en el Banco Popular no quepa mi dinero
Even if the Banco Popular can't fit my money
Or: Even if at the Banco Popular they don't have room for my money
Y yo me quedo en Puerto Rico aunque venga María
And I stay in Puerto Rico even if María comes
En el calentón, esto nunca se enfría
In the heat, this never gets cold
Calentón is slang for (in this line) 'anger', but here it may be just a reference to their warmth and passion as part of their culture
Aquí todos meten mano, todos tenemos cría
Here everyone puts their hand in, we all have courage
'meter mano' in Puerto Rico means 'to carry out an action, to work', and 'tener cría' has the meaning of having courage, valor
La Isla del Encanto, la tierra bendecida
The Island of Enchantment, the blessed land
Or: The Island of Charm, the blessed land
Verse 4
Y gracias ma', por haberme parido aquí
And thanks mum for having given birth to me here
Cerquita de la playa y el coquí
Near the beach and the coquí
The Coquí frog is a symbol of Puerto Rico
Todos sayayines, tenemos el Ki
All sayayines, we have the chi
Sayayines and Ki are references to Japanese animated series Dragon Ball Z
El sol siempre nos alumbra
The sun always shines on us
Si quiero esta Navidad le doy parranda corriendo jetski
If I want this Christmas I celebrate riding jetski
'dar parranda' means to celebrate with music, food and drinks
Escuchando salsa y reggaeton
Listening to salsa and reggaeton
Daddy Yankee, Tego Calderón, Don Omar, Wisin, Yandel, Ivy, Vico, Eddie René, Lavoe, Frankie, Ismael y Curet
Todos sirvieron como inspiración
Everyone served as inspiration
Dios bendiga mi generación
God bless my generation
El Conejo desde el corazón
The Bunny from the heart