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Look at my eyes, today they're different
I may not be that transparent
I know I don't show up, have fears and nightmares
But I know it's every verse I can fight them
I want you not to walk away, come on, stay
Although I sound a little selfish
Be patient, I want to be with you whenever you wake up
If there are rails, show them with make up
No break-ups
I speak, but not so much of what I feel
I just get
I make it easier not to seem to be
I don't explain so you don't find me without judgment
I don't, I don't say anything
Two of my exes are out of my way because they don't see a future
My dreams in his eyes were tantrums of immature
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It's been a year since I quit my job
Sometimes I wonder if I'm on the right track
And thoughts haunt me, my bad
I can't fail, I have things to prove to my dad, my bad
If you stay I hope you understand, because I don't always open up
At this level of sincerity, if I did it, it's because I love you
If the strings on that guitar were to speak, in primary
I was going to say to the milena stora that I wanted to be here for a millennium
Because knowing that my art purifies you
That's the biggest prize for me
But with so many students hating
To be desired for my muscle to crave
They want the genius of genius
They give themselves oxygen, to get to where I came from
Did you see how much I let go?
Ignored, ask the kid
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Replaces speech with what it includes in the dream
That got me used to being quiet
If the keys on this piano spoke
They would say that trusting anyone here doesn't suit
So don't come say, i got it
Maybe one day, one day
Because you don't even know half of what I've been through
You only felt my heartbeat when I hugged you b
That doesn't mean anything
Because I talk, but not so much of what I feel
And so I get
I am sorry
Because only when you conquer what I carry in my chest, I justify
I don't explain so you don't find me without judgment
I've come from far away, there to the sides of the future
Yet I showed you without fear my whole world
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I ran away a little while seeing that it was getting too dark
Where love disappeared because it wasn't fair
Not be valued and still have use
Mistakes are not forgiven, nor are they expected to happen
Calm, more focus, less consumption
Away from parties, peace of mind
Inappropriate content, but I get used to this life
From kk, k and just so the deal is accepted
Mass of this cool kid, is with the troop so it's safe
Nem se vê mais se está certo, tudo okay, s#it wait
Back everything, I left the laptop in the botxe and are there the tracks
I feel bad and Cancel, I'm sorry
Guilt is the merit that will come, but it seems that never
And also of this weariness, not of the stages, nor of the pictures
Saint phalle, brancusi, is even only of other mambos
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