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Verse 1.1
Qui dit étude dit travail
Who says study says work
Travail & travailler means work & to work while job / employment would be emploi
Qui dit taf te dit les thunes
Who says work says money
Thunes translates more directly to gold coins. Also, taf is a colloquial word for work
Qui dit argent dit dépenses
Who says money says expenses
Qui dit crédit dit créance
Who says credit says debt
Créance = debt owned. Dette = debt owed.
Qui dit dette te dit huissier
Who says debt tells you bailiff
Bailiff = Hussier = Repossession guy
Lui dit assis dans la merde
Who says you sit in shit
Who tells you you're in deep trouble
Qui dit amour dit les gosses
Who says love says children
Dit toujours et dit divorce
Says forever and says divorce
Verse 1.2
Qui dit proches te dit deuils
Who says loved ones says mourning
Proches means loved ones or relatives
Car les problèmes ne viennent pas seuls
Because the problems don't come alone
Can means because / since / as. Because is more commonly translated to parce que
Qui dit crise te dit monde
Who says crisis says world
Dit famine, dit tiers-monde
Says famine says third world
Qui dit fatigue dit réveil
Who says tiredness says wake up
Wake up = Réveil = alarm clock
Encore sourd de la veille
Still deaf from the eve
Meaning still deaf from the party the day before
Alors on sort pour oublier tous les problèmes
So we go out to forget all the problems
Alors on danse
So we dance
Alors can be tranlsated as 'Then' or 'So', as in 'Then we sing' / 'So we sing'
Alors on danse (x8)
So we dance... (x8)
Verse 2.1
Et là tu te dis que c'est fini
And there you tell yourself it's finished
Car pire que ça ce serait la mort
Because worse than that would be death
Quand tu crois enfin que tu t'en sors
When you believe finally that you're getting out
Quand y en a plus
When there is more
Et ben y en a encore
And there's more still
Verse 2.2
Est-ce la zik ou les problèmes?
Is it the music or the problems?
Les problèmes ou bien la musique
The problems or the music
Stromae is questioning if the problems or the partying are at fault here
Ça te prend les tripes
It grips your guts
Ça te prend la tête
It grips your head
Et puis tu pries pour que ça s'arrête
And then you pray for it to end
Verse 2.3
Mais c'est ton corps, c'est pas le ciel
But it's your body it's not heaven
Alors tu te bouches plus les oreilles
So you unplug your ears
Et là tu cries encore plus fort
And you shout even louder
And - there - you - shout - even - more - strong
Et ça persiste
And it persists
Alors on chante
So we sing
'On' and 'Nous' both mean we. 'Nous' is more formal while 'On' is more conversational
Alors on chante
So we sing
Et puis seulement quand c'est fini
And then only when it’s over
Alors on danse
So we dance
Alors on danse (x8)
So we dance... (x8)
Et ben y en a encore (x8)
And still there's more (x8)