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And here come the long-day friends
Share good relatives products
of Tierra Caliente
of transitar or the city of Morelia
I have avocado orchards is by monsoon
come beautiful tributes the important ones in
My help around export
Japanese Canada swallowed the product in
Tierra Caliente
Also to the United States in the Super
bowl my balls in the extras the
Market and I'm smart
When they give for days I already come with 20
giant likes it knows old pique a
Break a Develop Roll
but full of tickets for your calls
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Personal meetings coordinating well
cuts and freight and although they
the skipper I like to help you all
Mission A It doesn't matter if I grab the machete or
Leather and I never tear myself off at all
The product I command does not lose
In the wood capital of green gold
Here we move from gas and also from the
crazy that they call mind
You have to know the Cali know what
I have to serve you gentlemen without if I
ask if I'm an avocado grower I'm
respect and with the men I am
right hats off
and if a woman I like the buttocks and
breasts I know the buts
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And so we beat all my people who
Sell the greens with your friends
Making health days for all
Reyes Peribán and Ario de Rosales Mi bien
as very hard in the end God and lords
Without work I am fulfilled for work
and it's always like fun
I like to climb the band and drink whiskey
a little bit alone until the sun comes up
with friends and women too if you can
or not my weapons either a super of 11
A strong horn threw a few volleys
Do not criticize me for seeing me that I am
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For this I work to give me my tastes
steele my brain I banks without water
Here we have a pit and the one that does not have
word for he is not a man when he eats
I just like to get it and it also
Thank favors by name
very calm that I respect your
taste respect
but if they seek me lawsuit no more because
I'm nobody's me left producing the
avocados of course
and I also like to have them time I am
Here we move from almost also the crazy
that they call it months
and rather than knowing what he should know
who will come to serve you gentlemen and if
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they ask me I'm an avocado grower I'm from
respect and with men to hide
these hats off
and if an old woman I like buttocks and
chest and I are but
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