We reside in South Central
The business is going very strong
We control this area
We handle white powder
To be exact, we send it in little squares
We started from the bottom
Fighting and struggling
As we hustle
Little by little, we're making progress
Be careful, guys
Because there are many envious people
Who want to bring us down
Don't forget that day
When our friend Chino fell
They caught him in the office
The blues surrounded him
They knew where the nail was
And he spent a good while in jail
And now you'll see him happy
In his Ram driving through the central
Comfortable and well-equipped
A girl by his side
For stress relief, he's very much in love
A white Corvette is arriving
That means JT is landing
Partying in the clubs
Always seen toasting with Ace of Spades bottles
Buchanan's 18, with his little backpack
Always by his side
The .45 for those who talk too much
Compa Tino is always ready
With a kushifli
You know what I'm talking about
Guerrero is his state
San Luis de la Loma
Where he was raised
On Highway 9-1, in his X-6
He'll be handling business
Or maybe you'll see him cruising in his Camaro
Compa Chino, Compa Tino
Get ready
We're going to the Bellagio
To wake up a bit
I'm saying goodbye, I need a meeting
We are going to Bellagio
To wake up for a while
I say goodbye, a board I ask you
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Fuerza Regida is an American group of Mexican regional music, formed in 2015 in the state of California originally by Jesús Ortíz Paz (vocals and producer), Samuel Jaimez (requinto), Khrystian Ramos (guitar), and José García (tuba); and since 2021, also by Moisés López (tololoche). They have released 11 albums and have been nominated on several occasions for awards such as the iHeartRadio Music Awards, Billboard Latin Awards, Premios Lo Nuestro, and Premios Juventud. The group has debuted on Billboard's Hot 100 chart with the song "Bebé Dame," reaching the 25th position, and has placed multiple singles on the Hot Latin Songs chart in the United States. As a result, they have become one of the most influential and popular groups in regional music today.
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