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LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Maluma's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 10 song recommendations by Maluma to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Juan Luis Londoño Arias (born 28 January 1994), known professionally as Maluma, is a Colombian singer, songwriter, and record producer who has become one of the most successful Latin American artists of the 21st century. He chose the stage name Maluma, which is a combination of the first syllable of the names of his mother Marlli, his father Luis and his sister Manuela. He is an award winning artist best known for his hit singles "Felices los 4," "Corazón," and "Borró Cassette," which have all topped the Latin charts. Maluma has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including Ricky Martin, Shakira, Thalia, and the Weeknd. He has cited Héctor Lavoe, Justin Timberlake and Michael Jackson as his main musical influences. Maluma is also an active philanthropist, having founded “El Arte de los Sueños” in his hometown Medellín, to provide adolescents access to the arts and training.
1 Hawái (Hawai)
2 Corazón (Heart)
3 Sobrio (Sober)
4 La Reina (The Queen)
5 La Fórmula (The Formula)
6 Qué Pena (What A Pity)
7 El Préstamo (The Loan)
8 Ojalá (Hopefully)
9 Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem) (Rumba (Pure Gold Anthem))
10 Instinto Natural (Natural Instinct)
Hawái (Hawai)
Deja de mentirte
La foto que subiste con él diciendo que era tu cielo
Bebé, yo te conozco tan bien, sé que fue para darme celos
No te diré quién, pero llorando por mí te vieron
Stop lying to yourself
The photo that you uploaded with him saying that he was your heaven
Babe, I know you so well, I know that it was to make me jealous
I won't tell you who, but crying for me they saw you
"Hawái" by Maluma is a song about love and disappointment. The singer talks about a past relationship that didn't work out and his ex's new relationship. The singer wonders if his ex is really happy in their new relationship, despite appearing to have everything they need. The singer also points out that love can't be bought with anything and that happiness can't be faked. The song is a reflection on love and disappointment, and a reminder that love can't be bought, while the singer believes that the true love was between her and him.
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Corazón (Heart)
Tú me partiste el corazón
Pero mi amor no hay problema
Ahora puedo regalar
Un pedacito a cada nena, solo un pedacito
You broke my heart
But my love there's no problem
Now I can give
A little piece to each girl, only a little piece
In the song Corazón by Maluma, the singer expresses his feelings after being hurt by a past love. He decides to move on and spread his love to other women, no longer afraid to say goodbye and no longer holding onto resentment.
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Sobrio (Sober)
Quiero aprovechar
Ya que estoy tomado
Pa' poder decirte
Todas las cosas que me he guardado
I want to take advantage
Since I'm drunk
To be able to tell you
All the things that I've kept for myself
In the song Sobrio by Maluma, the artist expresses his need to reach out to his former love despite the late hour, and his difficulty in expressing his feelings when sober. He admits to drinking in order to be able to tell her how he feels, and to ask for forgiveness. He also expresses his desire to know how she is doing and if she still loves him. He reflects on his past mistakes and expresses his regret for not being a better partner. He ultimately expresses his wish to have a future with her, but acknowledges that he needs to drink to be able to admit that.
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La Reina (The Queen)
¿Quién te dijo que necesitas maquillaje?
Si está de más ponerle filtros a un paisaje?
¿Qué te hace falta? Dime tú
Si brillas en la multitud
Who told you that you need makeup?
If it's superfluous to put filters on a landscape?
What do you lack? Tell me
If you shine in the crowd
The song "La Reina" by Maluma is a tribute to the beauty and self-confidence of women. Maluma encourages women to embrace their natural beauty and not feel the need to conform to societal standards of makeup and filters. He also criticizes those who try to bring women down with their negative comments about their appearance. The song emphasizes the message that women are queens and should be treated as such, with love and respect. Maluma also encourages men never resort to violence, but to be supportive and uplifting to the women in their lives.
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La Fórmula (The Formula)
Hoy me levanté pensándote más que ayer
Está cabrón que ha pasado el tiempo y yo sigo donde me dejaste
Tú pudiste hacer la vida en otro lugar
Y yo no encuentro quién ocupe tu lugar
Today I got up thinking about you more than yesterday
It's crazy that time has passed and I'm still where you left me
You could make your life in another place
And I can't find who takes your place
In "La Fórmula" by Maluma and Marc Anthony, the singer expresses his longing for a lost love and his hope that they will reunite. He reflects on the difficulty of forgetting the memories of their time together, and acknowledges that there is no formula to erase the memories of their kisses. He also expresses his willingness to wait for them to return, no matter how long it takes.
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Qué Pena (What A Pity)
Ella está solita
Y yo ando solo
Ella dice que sabe quién soy
Pero no la conozco
She is alone
And I'm alone
She says that she knows who I am
But I don't know her
In the song "Qué Pena" by Maluma, the singer is trying to reconnect with a woman he has seen before but can't remember her name. He encourages her to come closer so they can get to know each other better, and admits that he had too much to drink the night before, which is why he can't remember her name. He also compliments her beauty, saying that even if he can't remember her name, it doesn't take away from her beauty and the experience that they had.
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El Préstamo (The Loan)
Oiga Chan, súbeme un poquito ahí el micrófono
Le tengo que decir un par de cosas que
Ella no quiere escuchar
Sólo por curiosidad te tengo que preguntar
Listen Chan, turn up the microphone for me a little bit there
I have to say a few things that
She doesn't want to hear
Only out of curiosity, I have to ask you
In El Préstamo by Maluma, the singer reflects on a past relationship in which he gave his all, only to be left with nothing in return. He expresses his frustration at the situation, and encourages the other person to move on and find someone who will love them and appreciate them. He acknowledges that he has made mistakes in the past, but insists that he has learned from them and is ready to move on.
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Ojalá (Hopefully)
Déjame decirte, antes que te vayas
No quería rendirme, perdí la batalla
No fue culpa tuya ni fue culpa mía
Baby, son cosas de la vida
Let me tell you, before you go
I didn't want to give up, I lost the battle
It wasn't your fault nor was it my fault
Baby, they're things of life
In the song Ojalá by Maluma, the singer expresses his hope that his former lover will think of him when she is with someone else. He reflects on the pain of their breakup and his longing for her to come back to him. He also expresses his hope that he will not be able to forget her.
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Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem) (Rumba (Pure Gold Anthem))
Qué loca fue la rumba aquella
Qué cosa buena
Tú ahí tan bella
Destapando la botella
How crazy was that party
What a good thing
You there so beautiful
Opening the bottle
Maluma's song "Rumba (Puro Oro Anthem)" is a celebration of the wild and passionate night that two lovers experienced together. The lyrics describe the consequences of the wild rumba, and how they deserve to experience it all over again. The song encourages the listener to break the rules and indulge in the pleasure of the moment, and to call and come back for more. The chorus emphasizes that the night was the result of a wild rumba, and that they deserve to experience it all over again.
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Instinto Natural (Natural Instinct)
Me da miedo perderte
Aunque la cague quiero verte
Ojalá que tengas suerte
Ojalá fuera más fuerte
I'm afraid to lose you
Even if I mess up, I want to see you
I wish you have good luck
I wish I was stronger
In the song Instinto Natural by Maluma, he expresses his fear of losing his partner, even though he may make mistakes. He wishes he was stronger and that his partner has luck. He admits that he might even cheat on her one day, but it is not because he doesn't love her, it's only because of his instincts. He promises that he is not one to break hearts and that if he falls for someone else, it is not because of his intention. He warns her that it is better for her to know now than to find out later.
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