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They raised that snout between the skill
Always close to the birth
She knew that fate planned something different for him
With a comrade he walked
From Morrillo she rolled it
One studious and the other pure chaos threw
things just happened
One day we jumped to the other side
I applied myself in school, I always painted to be a lawyer
My grandfather is for me the most sacred
Forever take me by the hand
Pa 'Mochis, Sinaloa and his advice I have recorded
And to his father, Nino, we will always remember him.
Because his advice to the old man succeeded
With permission, the fire that I bring
And what I do right now we are using
Here we come once again my clicka
With the corridones to everything they give
Pure Legacy 7
Now in Riverside, I'm a lawyer
One of the best with graduated letters
Helping girls who have looked at each other in hard trouble
Compa here you see nothing with me
Four plow with a few cuadrillos
We quickly fixed it and it came out in curtains from the prison
I push away her name then her name I say
Many here have already met him
Riverside, California, where he operates and is also based
And to his company the R1
We send you a greeting
It is a gala, it kills by giving
That the best in the business
For the dishes and the partners
goes straight, walking
And we will always remember his dad Nino
Because his advice to the old man succeeded
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