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LF Content Team | Updated on 02 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Bachata is a great way to learn Spanish! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 20 Bachata song recommendations to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Bachata!
1 Otra Vez (Again) - Prince Royce
2 Solo Conmigo (Only With Me) - Romeo Santos
3 Ciudadana (Citizen) - Romeo Santos
4 El Pañuelo (The Handkerchief) - Romeo Santos
5 Sin Fin (Without End) - Romeo Santos
6 La Bachata (The Bachata) - Manuel Turizo
7 Te Espero (I Wait For You) - Prince Royce
8 Volví (I Returned) - Aventura
9 Loco (Crazy) - Enrique Iglesias
10 Deja vu - Prince Royce
11 Nada (Nothing) - Prince Royce
12 Eres Mía (You're Mine) - Romeo Santos
13 Odio (I Hate) - Romeo Santos
14 Darte un Beso (Give you a Kiss) - Prince Royce
15 Soy el Mismo (I'm the Same) - Prince Royce
16 Corazon Sin Cara (Heart Without Face) - Prince Royce
17 Te Extraño (I Miss You) - Xtreme
18 Ella y Yo (She and I) - Aventura
19 Obsesion (Obsession) - Aventura
20 Corazon Culpable (Guilty Heart) - Anthony Santos
1. Otra Vez (Again)
Prince Royce
Tanto caminar y aquí estoy de nuevo
En el mismo lugar donde no quiero
Otro personaje, el mismo cuento
Una herida, otra daga clavada de nuevo en mi pecho
So much walking and here I am again
In the same place where I don't love
Another character, the same story
A wound, another dagger stuck again in my chest
In the song "Otra Vez" by Prince Royce, the singer reflects on his tendency to return to the same place of heartache and pain, despite knowing the outcome. He expresses his feelings of being a masochist, frustrated, and confused, yet still willing to risk it all for love. He acknowledges that he will once again fall into the arms of love, even though he knows he will be hurt, and he will cry again, because he has chosen to believe in love again.
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2. Solo Conmigo (Only With Me)
Romeo Santos
Despójate el vestido y brindemos por amor
No juzgo a tu pasado ni mala reputación
Tu lista de amantes y aventuras
No es relevante, nadie tiene el alma pura
Take off your dress and let's toast to love
I don't judge your past nor bad reputation
Your list of lovers and adventures
It's not relevant, nobody has a pure soul
In Romeo Santos' song Solo Conmigo, he expresses his unconditional love for his partner despite her past experiences. He acknowledges her past relationships and mistakes, but emphasizes that he is the one who has sealed her heart. He encourages her to let go of her worries and doubts, and to trust that he will love her no matter what. He reassures her that he will not judge her for her past, and that he is the only one who can provide her with the love she has been searching for.
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3. Ciudadana (Citizen)
Romeo Santos
El vuelo está programado para las doce
En diez horas aterrizo en tu país
Ese mismo hotel antiguo de aquella noche
Tengo fe de nuevamente verte ahí
The flight is scheduled for twelve
In ten hours I land in your country
That same old hotel from that night
I have faith to see you there again
Romeo Santos' song "Ciudadana" is a romantic ode to a long-distance relationship, expressing the singer's longing to be reunited with his beloved. The lyrics describe the singer's anticipation of his flight to her country, his memories of their time together, and his frustration with the obstacles that keep them apart. He expresses his desire to make time move faster so that they can be together again, and ultimately declares that she is a citizen of his heart. The song is a passionate plea for the power of love to overcome the tyranny of distance.
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4. El Pañuelo (The Handkerchief)
Romeo Santos, ROSALÍA
Mi cantar, mi canto es un lamento
Ay, porque estoy enamorada
Y no soy correspondida
Destrozada estoy por dentro
My singing, my singing is a lament
Oh, because I'm in love
And I'm not reciprocated
I'm shattered inside
In El Pañuelo by Romeo Santos, the singer expresses his sorrow for being unrequited in love and his desire to help the listener heal from their own heartache. He encourages them to forget their pain and find solace in his embrace, offering himself as a "pañuelo" (handkerchief) to wipe away their tears. He acknowledges that no one has died from love, and invites them to find comfort in his passionate embrace.
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5. Sin Fin (Without End)
Romeo Santos, Justin Timberlake
You already know this love is all yours, baby
So take it
We've been here before, it's strong enough to save us, baby
Lo que tenga que hacer por nosotros
Ya sabes que este amor es todo tuyo, baby
Así que tómalo
Nosotros hemos estado aquí antes, es lo suficientemente fuerte como para salvarnos, bebé
Whatever I have to do for us
Romeo Santos' song "Sin Fin" is a passionate declaration of love and devotion. The lyrics express the singer's willingness to do anything for his beloved, even if it means sacrificing his own life. He expresses his commitment to love her forever, no matter what. He also encourages her to be brave and take a chance on their love, assuring her that she will never regret it. The song is a powerful reminder of the strength of true love and devotion.
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6. La Bachata (The Bachata)
Manuel Turizo
Te bloqueé en Insta
Pero por otra cuenta veo tus historias
Tu número lo borré
No sé para qué si me lo sé de memoria
I blocked you on Instagram
But through another account I see your stories
Your number I deleted
I don't know why if I know it from memory
In Manuel Turizo's song "La Bachata", Manuel reflects on a past relationship that ended in heartbreak. Despite blocking his former partner on social media and erasing her number, he still remember the details of the relationship and the pain it caused. He drives through the streets they once shared, listening to the songs she dedicated to him, and wishes for her to find a new love who will make her feel the same way she made him feel. Ultimately, he asks God to protect him from falling in love again for someone like his former partner.
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7. Te Espero (I Wait For You)
Prince Royce, Maria Becerra
Aquella noche que fuiste con el viento
Bajo la luna me dijiste 'Lo siento'
Ya no te amo, se terminó lo nuestro
Pero te mata el arrepentimiento
That night that you went with the wind
Under the moon you told me 'I'm sorry'
I don't love you anymore, ours is finished
But the regret kills you
In the song Te Espero by Prince Royce, the singer reflects on a past relationship that has ended, and expresses his longing for the other person to return. He acknowledges that the relationship is over, but still hopes that she will come back to him. He also reflects on the memories they shared together, and how he is still waiting for her in the same place they used to be. Despite the fact that she has moved on, he still insists that she won't forget him.
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8. Volví (I Returned)
Aventura, Bad Bunny
Dime por qué le tiras piedras a la luna
Tan ilógico como extraerme de tu piel
Después de Dios, soy tu todo, mujer
¿Qué tal te está yendo con él?
Tell me why you throw stones at the moon
So illogical like removing me from your skin
After God, I'm your everything, woman
How's it going with him?
In the song Volví by Aventura and Bad Bunny, the singer expresses his desire to reunite with his former lover and reclaim her affections. He emphasizes that he knows she still loves him and remembers the intimate moments they shared. He challenges her current partner, claiming that he can provide her with a level of passion and connection that her current partner cannot. He encourages her to leave her current partner and come back to him, promising to make her feel loved and desired.
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9. Loco (Crazy)
Enrique Iglesias, Romeo Santos
Te pido de rodillas
Luna no te vayas
Alumbrale la noche a ese corazón
Desilusionado, a veces maltratado
I beg you on my knees
Moon, don't go
Light the night for that heart
Disillusioned, sometimes mistreated
Enrique Iglesias' song "Loco" is a plea for forgiveness and a passionate declaration of love. The lyrics describe a person begging for mercy and asking the moon not to leave, as they are desperate to keep the love alive. The song speaks of a heart that has been hurt and disillusioned, and of promises that have been broken. The chorus expresses the singer's desire to kiss the beloved's lips, and his promise that he will never forgive her if she leaves him with the pain of a broken heart.
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10. Deja vu
Prince Royce, Shakira
Tú me abriste las heridas
Que ya daba por curadas con limón, tequila y sal
Una historia repetida
Solamente un déjà-vu que nunca llega a su final
You opened my wounds
That I already considered cured with lemon, tequila and salt
A repeated history
Just a déjà-vu that never reaches its end
In the song "Deja vu" by Prince Royce and Shakira, the artists reflect on the idea of a recurring story that never reaches its end. They express their reluctance to fall back into the same situation of "madness and hypocrisy" and questions who can speak of love and defend it, or speak of pain and pay the price for it. Ultimately, they state that if someone is going to speak well of love, it won't be them.
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11. Nada (Nothing)
Prince Royce
Nada, no me falta nada
Cuando estoy contigo
Cuando estamos solos
Te juro no me falta nada
Nothing, I'm not lacking anything
When I'm with you
When we're alone
I promise I'm not lacking anything
Prince Royce's song "Nada" is a romantic ode to the joys of being in love. The lyrics express the idea that when two people are together, they have everything they need. The song paints a picture of two lovers in a room, with Juan Luis playing in the background, and the singer describing the beauty of being close to their partner. The singer also promises to always be there for their partner and never make them suffer. The song ends with the singer expressing his certainty that there is nothing better than sleeping together until the sun rises, and that when they are together, they have nothing to worry about.
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12. Eres Mía (You're Mine)
Romeo Santos
Ya me han informado que tu novio es un insípido aburrido
Tú que eres fogata y él tan frío
Dice tu amiguita que es celoso no quiere que sea tu amigo
Sospecha que soy un pirata y robaré su flor
They've already informed me that your boyfriend is a tasteless bore
You who are bonfire and he very cold
Your friend says that he's jealous he doesn't want me to be your friend
He suspects that I'm a pirate and I'll steal his flower
In the song "Eres Mía" by Romeo Santos, the singer expresses his love for a woman who is in a relationship with someone else. He acknowledges her partner's jealousy and insecurity, but insists that her heart still belongs to him. He promises to always be there for her, and even if she gets married, he will remind her husband that she is only "borrowed" because she will always be his.
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13. Odio (I Hate)
Romeo Santos, Drake
Pero tú desvaneces
Y me ofreces tu amistad sin otra excepción
Sé que hay otro hombre
Que ha logrado lo que yo jamás a ti te di
But you fade away
And you offer me your friendship without another exception
I know that there's another man
Who has achieved what I never gave you
Romeo Santos' song "Odio" is a reflection on the pain of unrequited love and the envy and resentment that comes with it. The lyrics explore the emotions of jealousy and anger that arise when someone you love is with someone else. The song speaks to the difficulty of letting go of a relationship and the struggle to accept that the other person has moved on.
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14. Darte un Beso (Give you a Kiss)
Prince Royce
Amarte como te amo es complicado
Pensar como te pienso es un pecado
Mirar como te miro está prohibido
Tocarte como quiero es un delito
To love you how I love you is complicated
To think how I think about you is a sin
To look how I look at you is forbidden
To touch you how I want is a crime
In "Darte un Beso" by Prince Royce, the singer expresses his deep love for someone and his willingness to do anything to make her happy. He expresses his desire to give her a kiss, to give her his mornings, to sing to calm her fears, and to take her to the sky. He even says he would give her the world and change his religion if he could. He wants to make sure she has everything she needs.
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15. Soy el Mismo (I'm the Same)
Prince Royce
En esta carrera
Hay minutos de soledad
Y horas de alegria
Cada segundo de sacrificio
In this career
There are minutes of solitude
And hours of joy
Every second of sacrifice
Prince Royce's song "Soy el Mismo" is a reflection on the importance of staying true to oneself despite the ups and downs of life. The lyrics explore the idea that life is a journey with moments of both loneliness and joy, and that it is important to remain real with oneself and not be swayed by fame or money. The song also speaks to the idea of cherishing the moments spent with loved ones, no matter how life may take them down different paths.
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16. Corazon Sin Cara (Heart Without Face)
Prince Royce
Y ya me contaron
Que te acomplejas de tu imagen
Y mira el espejo
Que linda eres sin maquillaje
And they already told me
That you're insecure about your looks
And look in the mirror
How beautiful you are without makeup
In the song Corazon Sin Cara by Prince Royce, he emphasizes the importance of self-love and acceptance, regardless of physical appearance. He encourages the listener to look in the mirror and appreciate their beauty without makeup, and to be thankful for the love they have in their hearts. He also reassures the listener that no matter what they look like, he will always love them. He emphasizes that nobody is perfect in love, and that it doesn't matter if someone is light or dark-skinned. He also admits that he has insecurities of his own, but that he loves himself and the listener just the same.
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17. Te Extraño (I Miss You)
El tiempo pasa y pasa y yo sigo así
Queriéndote en mis brazos sin poderte tener
Y busco una salida para no verme así
Ay qué lejos de mi lado tu amor está de mí
Time passes and passes and I continue like this
Wanting you in my arms without being able to have you
And I look for an exit to not see myself like this
Oh how far from my side your love is from me
In the song "Te Extraño" by Xtreme, the singer expresses his deep sadness at the loss of his love. Time passes and he still wants her in his arms, but he can't have it. He seeks a way out of feeling this way, but it is difficult knowing that she is no longer with him. He cries knowing that she is no longer with him and tries not to feel this way, but it is difficult. He expresses his pain at knowing that his love is no longer with him and asks why she has to do this to him. He suffers being without her and knowing that she is no longer with him. He expresses his love and desire to be with her, but knows that she is no longer there for him.
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18. Ella y Yo (She and I)
Aventura, Don Omar
Ella y yo
Dos locos viviendo una aventura castigada por Dios
Un laberinto sin salida donde el miedo se convierte en amor
Somos su marido, ella y yo
She and I
Two madmen living an adventure punished by God
A labyrinth without an exit where the fear becomes love
We're her husband, she and I
In Ella y Yo, Aventura and Don Omar tell the story of two lovers living a forbidden romance. Despite knowing that their love is wrong, they are unable to resist the temptation and continue to meet in secret. The song also speaks of the consequences of their actions, as the protagonist loses both his lover and his friend. The song ultimately serves as a warning to not give in to temptation, as it can lead to heartache and pain.
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19. Obsesion (Obsession)
Aventura, Judy Santos
Son las cinco de la mañana
Y yo no he dormido nada
Pensando en tu belleza
En loco voy a parar
It's five o'clock in the morning
And I haven't slept at all
Thinking about your beauty
I'm going to end up crazy
Obsesion by Aventura is a song about a man's intense infatuation with a woman. He is willing to go to extreme lengths to win her over, including ignoring her current boyfriend, stalking her, and even consulting a psychiatrist. He is aware that his feelings are not love, but an obsession, and he is determined to make her his own.
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20. Corazon Culpable (Guilty Heart)
Anthony Santos
Mami, es el mayimbe otra vez
Antony Santos, el bachatú, el bachatú
Si fracaso, mamá, tú no tienes la culpa
Tú a mí me lo dijiste
Babe, it's the mayimbe again
Antony Santos, the bachatú, the bachatú, the bachatú
If I fail, babe, it's not your fault
You told it to me
In Corazon Culpable by Anthony Santos, the singer expresses his feelings of being in love with someone who does not love him back. He blames his heart for falling in love with her, despite his mother's warnings to be careful with his heart. He is in a state of confusion, not knowing what to do or how he fell in love in the first place. He is aware that his love is unrequited, yet he still loves her and hopes that one day she will love him back.
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