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Manuel Turizo
LF Content Team | Updated on 02 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Manuel Turizo's music is a great way to learn! It is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 7 song recommendations by Manuel Turizo to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Manuel Turizo!
Manuel Turizo is a Colombian singer and songwriter who has quickly become one of the most popular Latin artists in the world. He is best known for his hit singles "Una Lady Como Tú" and "Esperándote", which have both been certified multi-platinum in several countries. His music is a mix of reggaeton, Latin pop, and urban music, and he has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including Maluma, Maria Becerra, and Ozuna. His music has been streamed over a billion times on Spotify, and he has become a global sensation with fans all over the world.
1 La Bachata (The Bachata)
2 Antes Que Te Vayas (Before You Go)
3 Hoy Vuelvo a Beber (Today I Drink Again)
4 Amor En Coma (Love In Coma)
5 Te Fallo (I Fail You)
6 Tiempo (Time)
7 Ahora Eh (Now Hey)
La Bachata (The Bachata)
Te bloqueé en Insta
Pero por otra cuenta veo tus historias
Tu número lo borré
No sé para qué si me lo sé de memoria
I blocked you on Instagram
But through another account I see your stories
Your number I deleted
I don't know why if I know it from memory
In Manuel Turizo's song "La Bachata", Manuel reflects on a past relationship that ended in heartbreak. Despite blocking his former partner on social media and erasing her number, he still remember the details of the relationship and the pain it caused. He drives through the streets they once shared, listening to the songs she dedicated to him, and wishes for her to find a new love who will make her feel the same way she made him feel. Ultimately, he asks God to protect him from falling in love again for someone like his former partner.
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Antes Que Te Vayas (Before You Go)
El ambiente está perfecto
Para pasar una eternidad junto a ti
Eres el motivo por el cual esta noche quise salir
Todos te miran cuando te mueves así
The atmosphere is perfect
To spend an eternity together with you
You're the reason why tonight I wanted to go out
Everybody looks at you when you move like this
In "Antes Que Te Vayas" by Manuel Turizo, the singer expresses his desire to spend a romantic evening with a special someone before they part ways. He encourages her to take advantage of the perfect atmosphere and to dance together until the last song, and to steal a kiss before they go. He also suggests she go to the beach and take a chance, as life is too short to not take risks. The song is a plea to make the most of the moment before it passes.
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Hoy Vuelvo a Beber (Today I Drink Again)
Vuelvo y caigo otra vez
Como cae la noche, que siempre va a volver
Siempre me pasa contigo y te quiero ver
Yo no sé si sea porque de tragos me pasé
I come back and fall again
Like the night falls, that always it's going to come back
It always happens to me with you and I want to see you
I don't know if it's because I drank many drinks
Manuel Turizo's song "Hoy Vuelvo a Beber" is about the singer's tendency to fall back into bad habits, specifically drinking, when he is around his love interest. He is aware of the consequences of his actions, but he can't help himself and continues to seek out her company, even though he knows it will lead to him drinking again. He expresses his desire to be with her, despite the fact that it will lead him to drink again.
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Amor En Coma (Love In Coma)
¿Cómo decirle que no?
Que ya no quiero seguir
Si ella da la vida por mí
¿Cómo decir que me voy?
How do I tell her that no?
That I don't want to continue anymore
If she gives her life for me
How do I say that I'm leaving?
In the song "Amor En Coma" by Manuel Turizo, the singer reflects on the pain of ending a relationship in which the other person has given everything to him. The singer wonders how to tell his partner that he no longer wants to be with her without causing her pain, as she has given him life. The singer also wonders what his partner's life will be like when he leaves. The singer recognizes that it was his mistake not to tell his partner how he was feeling and that they needed more communication. Finally, the singer concludes that he prefers to be honest and end the relationship before breaking his partner's heart.
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Te Fallo (I Fail You)
Yo sé que él te falló
Olvida el nombre de ese miserable
Sé que él te destruyó
Pero ese daño era inevitable
I know that he failed you
Forget the name of that miserable man
I know that he destroyed you
But that hurt was inevitable
In the song "Te Fallo" by Manuel Turizo, the artist speaks about a relationship that ended poorly. The artist acknowledges that the other person failed and destroyed him, but that this damage was inevitable. The artist also talks about the need to make the most of time with someone new, as karma exists and one must leave the past behind. The artist encourages the person not to be sad because you have already said goodbye to the person who hurt you.
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Tiempo (Time)
Me pediste tiempo, te di tu momento
Dime si has logrado borrar este sentimiento
Sus besos no valen si yo soy quien te caliento
Dime si yo miento
You asked me for time, I gave you your moment
Tell me if you've managed to erase this feeling
His kisses aren't worth it if I am who makes you hot
Tell me if I lie
In Manuel Turizo's song "Tiempo", the narrator reflects on a past relationship and the mistakes that were made. He is asking his former partner if they have been able to move on from the feelings they had for each other, and if the other person's current partner can provide the same level of connection and passion that they shared. The narrator is also questioning why he is still here, begging for her attention, when she is with someone else. He is trying to remind her of the connection they had and how it was different from what she has now.
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Ahora Eh (Now Hey)
Queriendo hacer la vuelta se cayó
Pensando que ganaba, usted perdió
Y aunque volviste y te arrepentiste
Ahora quien no te quiere soy yo
Wanting to turn around she fell
Thinking you won, you lost
And although you came back and you regretted
Now the one who doesn't love you is me
In Manuel Turizo's song "Ahora Eh", he reflects on a past relationship that ended due to a mistake made by the other person. He expresses that he is not willing to repeat the same mistake and that he is now living a different life, free from bad vibes. He also makes it clear that he is not interested in a commitment and that if the other person wants to take things further, they should let him know.
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