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Enrique Iglesias
LF Content Team | Updated on 02 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Enrique Iglesias's music is a great way to learn! It is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 9 song recommendations by Enrique Iglesias to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Enrique Iglesias!
Enrique Miguel Iglesias Preysler, known as Enrique Igelesias, is a Spanish singer and songwriter who has been a dominant figure in Latin Pop since the 1990s, known for his romantic ballads and energetic dance tracks. Enrique was born in Madrid, Spain, in 1975, as the third and youngest child of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias and Filipina socialite and magazine journalist Isabel Preysler. His father Julio is recognized as the most commercially successful continental European singer in the world. Enrique did not want his father to know about his plans for a music career and did not want his famous surname to help advance his career, so he started his career under the stage name Enrique Martínez. On 21 November 1995, Iglesias released Enrique Iglesias, a collection of light rock ballads, including hits such as "Si Tú Te Vas" and "Experiencia Religiosa", which sold half a million copies in its first week, a rare accomplishment then for an album recorded in a language other than English. Iglesias has won more than 200 awards from various ceremonies, including 1 Grammy, and has often been names 'King Of Latin Pop', Iglesias holds the record for the most number-one songs on the Billboard Hot Latin Songs chart with 27 songs. Iglesias is one of the best-selling Latin music artists with estimated sales of over 70 million records worldwide. Enrique Iglesias also got involved in Philanthropy, with various charitable organisations such as Download to Donate, American Red Cross, City of Hope, Habitat for Humanity, Help for Heroes, Live Earth, the Muscular Dystrophy Association, Special Olympics, Save the Children, The Salvation Army.
2 Loco (Crazy)
3 El Perdedor (The Loser)
7 Bailando (Dancing)
8 Cuando Me Enamoro (When I Fall In Love)
9 No Me Digas Que No (Don't Tell Me No)
Dime por qué te fuiste
Cuando un recuerdo es bonito, es difícil de borrarlo
Dímelo a mí, que por más que trato no puedo evitarlo
Cuando salgo por la calle veo tu rostro
Tell me why you left
When a memory is beautiful, it's difficult to erase it
Tell me about it, as hard as I try I can't avoid it
When I go out on the street I see your face
Enrique Iglesias' song "TE FUISTE" is a heart-wrenching ballad about the pain of a lost love. The lyrics explore the narrator's feelings of confusion and sorrow as he struggles to understand why his partner left without saying goodbye. He reflects on the memories of their relationship and the emptiness he feels without them. Despite his attempts to move on, he is unable to forget and is left with the lingering question of why she left.
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Loco (Crazy)
Te pido de rodillas
Luna no te vayas
Alumbrale la noche a ese corazón
Desilusionado, a veces maltratado
I beg you on my knees
Moon, don't go
Light the night for that heart
Disillusioned, sometimes mistreated
Enrique Iglesias' song "Loco" is a plea for forgiveness and a passionate declaration of love. The lyrics describe a person begging for mercy and asking the moon not to leave, as they are desperate to keep the love alive. The song speaks of a heart that has been hurt and disillusioned, and of promises that have been broken. The chorus expresses the singer's desire to kiss the beloved's lips, and his promise that he will never forgive her if she leaves him with the pain of a broken heart.
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El Perdedor (The Loser)
Qué más quieres de mí
Si el pasado está a prueba de tu amor
Y no tengo el valor
De escapar para siempre del dolor
What more do you want from me
If the past is proof of your love
And I don't have the courage
To escape forever from the pain
Enrique Iglesias' song "El Perdedor" is a reflection on the pain of unrequited love. The lyrics express the narrator's struggle to accept that the love he has given is not being reciprocated, and his decision to let go and move on. He acknowledges that he has given everything and has nothing left, and ultimately chooses to be the "perdedor" (loser) rather than remain in a state of false hope.
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Me dijeron que estás sola
Que después de mí nadie más te controla
Que sales después de las doce
Tus viejos amigos ya ni te conocen
They told me that you're alone
That after me nobody else controls you
That you go out after twelve
Your old friends don't even know you anymore
Enrique Iglesias' song "Después Que Te Perdí" is a reflection on the consequences of his betrayal of a loved one. He expresses regret for the pain he caused and acknowledges that he is to blame for the changes in her life. He longs for her forgiveness and wishes to make amends for the hurt he caused. He is haunted by her memory and is willing to accept the consequences of his actions.
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Súbeme la radio que esta es mi canción
Siente el bajo que va subiendo
Tráeme el alcohol que quita el dolor
Hoy vamos a juntar la luna y el sol
Turn up the radio for me, because this is my song
Feel the bass that goes rising
Bring me the alcohol that takes away the pain
Today let's join the moon and the sun
Enrique Iglesias' song "Súbeme la Radio" is a passionate plea for a lost love to return. The lyrics describe a man who is desperate to be reunited with his beloved, and he expresses his longing for her through the metaphor of the moon and the sun coming together. He is willing to do anything to get her back, even if it means drinking alcohol to numb the pain. He begs her to come back to him, and promises that he will never lie to her and will always love her. The song ends with a call to turn up the radio, as this is his song.
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Sólo en tu boca
Yo quiero acabar
Todos esos besos
Que te quiero dar
Only in your mouth
I want to finish
All those kisses
That I want to give you
Enrique Iglesias' song "DUELE EL CORAZON" is a passionate plea for a woman to make a decision between two lovers. He sings of the pain of loving someone who is with someone else, and offers her a chance to escape the pain and come with him. He promises her a life of freedom and joy, and suggests that with him she will feel no pain, only pleasure. He encourages her to make a decision and leave the pain of her current relationship behind.
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Bailando (Dancing)
Yo te miro y se me corta la respiración
Cuando tú me miras se me sube el corazón
Y en un silencio tu mirada dice mil palabras
La noche en la que te suplico que no salga el sol
I look at you and it takes my breath away
When you look at me, my heart goes up
And in silence your gaze says a thousand words
The night in which I beg you not to let the sun rise
In the song "Bailando" by Enrique Iglesias, the singer expresses his desire to be with someone special and to experience a passionate night with them. He is captivated by their beauty and chemistry, and is overwhelmed by the intensity of his feelings. He wants to dance with them, kiss them, and have a wild night together.
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Cuando Me Enamoro (When I Fall In Love)
Si pudiera bajarte una estrella del cielo
Lo haría sin pensarlo dos veces
Porque te quiero
Y hasta un lucero
If I could lower you a star from the sky
I would do it without thinking two times
Because I love you
And even a star
Enrique Iglesias' song "Cuando Me Enamoro" is a romantic ballad about the joys and struggles of falling in love. The lyrics express a desire to do anything for the person they love, from giving them a star from the sky to being the owner of the moon. The song also speaks to the unpredictability of love, as it can come when least expected and cause both joy and desperation. Ultimately, the song celebrates the feeling of being in love and the happiness it brings.
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No Me Digas Que No (Don't Tell Me No)
No me lastimen más el corazón
Que no tengo siete vidas como un gato ni mala intención
Yo no soy como un juguete de tu diversión
No me trates como un niño que perdido va sin dirección
Don't hurt anymore my heart
Because I don't have seven lives like a cat nor bad intention
I'm not like a toy for your entertainment
Don't treat me like a child that lost goes without direction
Enrique Iglesias' song "No Me Digas Que No" is a plea for a lover to stay and not leave him. He expresses his feelings of hurt and vulnerability, and begs his lover to not say no to him. He promises to stay with her even if it is forbidden, and expresses his desire to rekindle the passion they once shared. He also invites her to join him for a night of fun and pleasure. In the end, he pleads with her to not say no and to trust him, as he only wants to give her love.
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