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Learn Italian Through Songs
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Italian through song lyrics is a great way to learn Italian! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Italian!
These 7 song recommendations are suitable for beginners and will get you started with learning Italian with music and song lyrics.
1 Amore e Capoeira (Love and Capoeira) - Takagi & Ketra
2 Grande Amore (Great Love) - Il Volo
3 Le Parole Lontane (The Distant Words) - Måneskin
4 L'italiano (Italian) - Toto Cutugno
5 Sarà Perché Ti Amo (It Must Be 'Cause I Love You) - Ricchi e Poveri
6 Caruso - Lucio Dalla
7 Bella Ciao (Beautiful Hello) - Banda Bassotti
Amore e Capoeira (Love and Capoeira)
Takagi & Ketra, Giusy Ferreri, Sean Kingston
Avevo solo voglia di staccare, andare altrove
Non importa dove, quando, non importa come
Avevo solamente voglia di tirarmi su
Per non pensarti e poi lasciarmi ricadere giù
I just wanted to disconnect, go elsewhere
It doesn't matter where, when, it doesn't matter how
I just wanted to cheer myself up
To not think of you and then let myself fall back down
Takagi & Ketra's song "Amore e Capoeira" is a romantic ode to the joys of life. The lyrics tell the story of a person who is looking for a way to escape their troubles and find a moment of peace. They find solace in the arms of their lover, and the song celebrates the beauty of the moment with references to the Brazilian dance-fighting style of capoeira, cachaça, and a full moon. The chorus of the song encourages listeners to embrace the moment and not worry about the future, as anything can happen when their lover is around.
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Grande Amore (Great Love)
Il Volo
Chiudo gli occhi e penso a lei
Il profumo dolce della pelle sua
È una voce dentro che mi sta portando
Dove nasce il sole
I close my eyes and think of her
The sweet scent of her skin
It's a voice inside that is carrying me
Where the sun is born
The song "Grande Amore" by Il Volo is about a deep and passionate love that the singer feels for someone. The lyrics describe the intensity of the emotions the singer experiences, with vivid images of the person they love, such as the sweet scent of their skin and the sound of their voice. The singer declares their love openly and passionately, proclaiming that it is the only thing they feel. The lyrics express the fear of losing this love, and the desire for the other person to stay with them forever. The singer believes that this person is their soulmate, and that they will never love anyone else. The song ends with a declaration of eternal love and devotion.
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Le Parole Lontane (The Distant Words)
Come l'aria mi respirerai
Il giorno che
Ti nasconderò dentro frasi che
Non sentirai
Like the air you'll breathe me
The day that
I'll hide you in phrases that
You won't hear
"Le Parole Lontane" by Måneskin is a heartfelt Italian song that delves into the theme of distance and longing in love. The lyrics express the desire to be heard and understood by a distant lover, with emotions hidden behind unspoken words. The song portrays the pain of isolation, the fear of losing the beloved, and the struggle to bridge the emotional gap. Through its passionate performance, "Le Parole Lontane" captivates listeners with its poignant exploration of love's complexities in the face of distance.
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L'italiano (Italian)
Toto Cutugno
Lasciatemi cantare
Con la chitarra in mano
Lasciatemi cantare
Sono un italiano
Let me sing
With the guitar in hand
Let me sing
I'm an Italian
In the song "L'italiano" by Toto Cutugno, the singer expresses his pride in being an Italian. He celebrates the culture of Italy, from the food to the fashion, and the people, from the president to the artists. He also expresses his love for his homeland, Italy, and its people, Maria, with a sense of nostalgia. He asks to be allowed to sing with his guitar in hand, and to be allowed to sing a song slowly, as he is proud to be an Italian.
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Sarà Perché Ti Amo (It Must Be 'Cause I Love You)
Ricchi e Poveri
Che confusione
Sarà perché ti amo
È un'emozione
Che cresce piano piano
What confusion
It must be 'cause I love you
It's an emotion
That grows slowly slowly
Ricchi e Poveri's song "Sarà perché ti amo" is a romantic ode to the power of love. The lyrics explore the idea that love can make the world seem chaotic and confusing, but that it is ultimately worth it. The song speaks of the joy of being close to someone and the feeling of being in love, and encourages listeners to embrace the chaos and confusion that comes with it.
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Lucio Dalla
Qui dove il mare luccica
E tira forte il vento
Su una vecchia terrazza
Davanti al golfo di surriento
Here where the sea shines
And the wind blows hard
On an old terrace
In front of the Gulf of Sorrento
Caruso by Lucio Dalla is a song about a man who embraces a girl after she has been crying, and then begins to sing about the power of love and how it can make us feel alive. The song follows the man's journey as he reflects on his life, from the lights of the sea to the nights in America, and ultimately finds solace in the power of love. He sings of how love can make us feel alive, and how it can make us forget our troubles and make life seem small. In the end, he finds peace in the power of love and continues to sing.
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Bella Ciao (Beautiful Hello)
Banda Bassotti
Stamattina mi sono alzato
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao ciao ciao
Stamattina mi sono alzato
E ho trovato l'invasor
This morning I got up
Oh beautiful bye, beautiful bye, beautiful bye bye bye
This morning I got up
And I found the invader
Bella Ciao by Banda Bassotti is a song of resistance and freedom, telling the story of a Partisan fighter who is willing to die for the cause of liberty. The lyrics express the Partisan's determination to be buried in the mountains, with a beautiful flower to mark his grave, so that all who pass by will know that he died for freedom.
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