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LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Camilo's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 7 song recommendations by Camilo to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Camilo Echeverry (born 16 March 1994), known as Camilo, is a Colombian singer, musician and songwriter. He is known for his singles "Tutu", alongside Pedro Capó and Shakira, and "Desconocidos", with Mau y Ricky and Manuel Turizo. His debut album, "Por Primera Vez," was released in 2018 and was an instant success, reaching the top of the Latin music charts. Since then, Camilo has released several more albums, including "Favorito" and "Mis Manos," both of which have been certified platinum. Camilo's music has been praised for its heartfelt lyrics and catchy melodies, and he has become one of the most popular Latin artists in the world.
1 Vida de Rico (Rich Life)
2 El Mismo Aire (The Same Air)
3 Tutu (You You)
4 Tuyo y Mío (Yours and Mine)
5 Por Primera Vez (For The First Time)
6 Favorito (Favorite)
7 Millones (Millions)
Vida de Rico (Rich Life)
Yo puedo ofrecerte una vida muy interesante
Pero depende para ti qué es interesante
Si estás pensando en discotecas, carros y diamantes
Entonces puede que pa' ti sea insignificante
I can offer you a very interesting life
But it depends for you what is interesting
If you're thinking about nightclubs, cars, and diamonds
Then it may be insignificant to you
In the song "Vida de Rico" by Camilo, the artist reflects on the idea of a luxurious lifestyle and how it is not necessary to have wealth to be happy. He acknowledges that he cannot offer the material luxuries that many people desire, but he can offer his love and affection. He emphasizes that although he may not have much, it is free to dance closely together, it is free to kiss, and he will give everything he has for the woman he loves.
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El Mismo Aire (The Same Air)
Si quieres bota mis cuadernos
Si quieres borra hasta mi número del celular
Si quieres prende con mis cartas
Una fogata, a ver si logras calentar
If you want throw away my notebooks
If you want erase even my cell phone number
If you want light up my letters
A campfire, to see if you can get warm
In the song El Mismo Aire by Camilo, the singer reflects on the end of a relationship, from the initial love and passion to the current state of disconnection and distance. He expresses his sadness at the situation, and his longing for the past when they were still together. He acknowledges that the relationship has changed and that they can no longer be together, but he still holds onto the memories of their time together. He also expresses his desire to move on, but his sadness at the situation is still present.
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Tutu (You You)
Yo no sé de poesía
Ni de filosofía
Sólo sé que tu vida
Yo la quiero en la mía
I don't know about poetry
Nor philosophy
I only know that your life
I want it in mine
In Camilo's song "Tutu", he expresses his deep love for someone special. He expresses his desire to be with her and his inability to find a substitute for her. He also expresses his willingness to do anything to be with her, even if it means braving the cold. He emphasizes that there is no one like her and that he will always be there for her.
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Tuyo y Mío (Yours and Mine)
Dicen que detrás de todo hombre
Siempre hay una gran mujer
Pero yo no estoy de acuerdo
Porque tú estabas siempre adelante
They say that behind every man
Always there's a great woman
But I am not in agreement
Because you were always ahead
In the song "Tuyo y Mío" by Camilo, the artist reflects on the strength of his relationship with his partner. He acknowledges that she was always there for him, even when he had nothing, and expresses his desire to spend his life with her and have a child together. He emphasizes the beauty of their relationship and how it motivates him to work hard and give her everything she needs.
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Por Primera Vez (For The First Time)
Tengo tantas ganas
De besarte en las mañanas
Justo cuando te levantas
Pero tengo miedo
I have so many desires
To kiss you in the mornings
Just when you get up
But I'm afraid
In the song "Por Primera Vez" by Camilo, the artist expresses his desire to be with someone special and his fear of not being perfect enough for her. He wishes he could control time so he could wait for her over and over again to see her in the morning. He expresses his joy in being with her and how his life only makes sense when they are together. The chorus of the song emphasizes the importance of this relationship, as it is the first time he has felt this way and it is what he wants and needs.
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Favorito (Favorite)
No sé si te lo han dicho antes
Pero después de haber comido en tantos restaurantes
Lo más caro, más rico, más fino y más elegante
Después de viajar por los sitios más extravagantes
I don't know if they've told you before
But after having eaten in so many restaurants
The most expensive, most delicious, most fine, and most elegant
After traveling to the most extravagant places
In the song "Favorito" by Camilo, the singer explores the idea that love is the most precious place and the most delicious food. After traveling to the most extravagant places, he discovers that the body of his love is his favorite place and her mouth is his favorite food. The singer also expresses his desire for his love to see him as he sees her, and to love him as he loves her.
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Millones (Millions)
Tú debes ser ingeniera
Porque qué bien te quedó el puente entre tu boca y la mía
Si hubiera sido por mí ni me atrevería
Haberte dado ese beso
You must be an engineer
Because how good was the bridge between your mouth and mine
If it had been for me, I wouldn't even dare
To have given you that kiss
In the song Millones by Camilo, the artist expresses his confusion and admiration for the person he loves, asking why they chose him when there are so many other options in the world. He reflects on the special bond they share, and how she has changed his life for the better. He acknowledges that he is not perfect, but she loves him anyway, and he is grateful for her unconditional support.
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