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Regional Mexican
LF Content Team | Updated on 11 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Regional Mexican is a great way to learn Spanish! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 8 Regional Mexican song recommendations to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Regional Mexican!
1 Ya Te Perdí (I Already Lost You) - Ivan Cornejo
2 Tatuajes (Tattoos) - Ivan Cornejo
3 La Última Vez (The Last Time) - Ivan Cornejo
4 Mentiras (Lies) - Grupo Los de la O
5 ¡Corre! (Run!) - Ivan Cornejo
7 Está Dañada (She's Hurt) - Ivan Cornejo
8 100 Años (100 Years) - Carlos Rivera
1. Ya Te Perdí (I Already Lost You)
Ivan Cornejo
Desde que me abandonaste
Ya nada es igual
Ya no soy el mismo de antes
No sé cómo aceptar
Since you abandoned me
Nothing is the same anymore
I'm not the same as before
I don't know how to accept
Ya Te Perdí by Ivan Cornejo is a song about the pain of losing someone you love. The lyrics tell the story of a man who has been abandoned by his partner and is struggling to accept the new reality. He reflects on how his weekends no longer feel the same without her, and how he realizes that her love was only temporary. He expresses his regret for not seeing the signs that she was leaving, and his longing for her to return. The song ultimately conveys the sadness of losing someone and the pain of knowing that they have moved on.
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2. Tatuajes (Tattoos)
Ivan Cornejo
Hoy me levanté llorando
Tuve un sueño especial
Que eras mía en verdad
No importa dónde estoy
Today I got up crying
I had a special dream
That you were really mine
It doesn't matter where I am
In the song Tatuajes by Ivan Cornejo, the narrator expresses his feelings of jealousy and regret over a lost love. He reflects on the fact that his former partner is now with someone else, and he is unable to do anything about it. He expresses his sadness and longing for her, but he also feels like she will never forget him. He also expresses his jealousy of her tattoos which get to touch her, and the other person who gets to give her flowers. Despite his pain, he wishes her well.
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3. La Última Vez (The Last Time)
Ivan Cornejo
Me enamoré
De una mujer
Me enamoré de una mujer
Que en verdad es peligrosa
I fell in love
With a woman
I fell in love with a woman
Who really is dangerous
In La Última Vez by Ivan Cornejo, the narrator reflects on the love he had for a woman who was dangerous yet captivating. He remembers the last time he looked at her, feeling butterflies, and the last time he kissed her, feeling content. He realizes that it will not be easy to forget her, and though he wishes her the best, he knows that it will not be with him. He remembers the way she used to kiss him and dance with him, and how he wanted to make her happy and see her smile. He knows that he will miss her for the rest of his life.
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4. Mentiras (Lies)
Grupo Los de la O, Ivan Cornejo
No te preocupes por mí que yo estoy viviendo muy bien
Ya no siento nada, no te pienso como ayer
Las caricias y los besos ya los olvidé
Con amigos y botellas me la paso al cien
Don't worry about me because I'm living very well
I don't feel anything anymore, I don't think of you like yesterday
The caresses and the kisses I already forgot them
With friends and bottles I have a great time
Grupo Los de la O's song "Mentiras" is a reflection on a past relationship that has ended. The singer is trying to move on from the pain of the breakup, and is now living his life to the fullest. He has forgotten the affection and kisses he once had with his ex, and has replaced them with friends, alcohol, and partying. The singer is still haunted by memories of his ex, but he is determined to move on and enjoy his life.
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5. ¡Corre! (Run!)
Ivan Cornejo
Me miras diferente
Me abrazas y no siento tu calor
Te digo lo que siento
Me interrumpes y terminas la oración
You look at me differently
You hug me and I don't feel your warmth
I tell you what I feel
You interrupt me and finish the sentence
Ivan Cornejo's "Corre!" is a song about saying goodbye to a relationship. The singer realizes that the relationship is over and that he no longer feels the same warmth. He tells her to leave, to take whatever she wants, but not to expect tears from him. The singer has lived this scene many times before and knows that it is better for both of them if she leaves. The song is an invitation to let go of the past and move on.
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Eslabón Armado, Ivan Cornejo
Yo me pierdo en tu mirada cada vez
Cuando tú me miras con tus ojitos de miel
En verdad me tienes bien hipnotizado
Quiero sentir tu presencia a cada rato
I get lost in your gaze every time
When you look at me with your honey eyes
You really have me hypnotized
I want to feel your presence every time
In the song "Hasta La Muerte" by Eslabón Armado, the narrator expresses his deep love for his partner. He is captivated by her gaze and wants to feel her presence all the time. He requests her to embrace him tightly and promises to love her until death. He is obsessed with her and wants to share his entire life with her. He is content with the small moments they share and she illuminates all his senses. He assures her that no one can compare to her kisses, caresses, and gaze.
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7. Está Dañada (She's Hurt)
Ivan Cornejo
Está dañada del amor
No siente ningún dolor
Su felicidad terminó
Su esperanza desapareció
She's hurt from love
She doesn't feel any pain
Her happiness ended
Her hope disappeared
Ivan Cornejo's song Está Dañada is a heartfelt ballad about a woman who has been hurt by love and has lost her faith in it. The lyrics describe her sadness and loneliness, but also her resilience and strength as she continues to find joy in dancing with her friends and singing the song they used to share. Despite her pain, she still finds beauty in the world and hope in her own resilience.
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8. 100 Años (100 Years)
Carlos Rivera, Maluma
Mírame a los ojos que te siento diferente
Tengo miedo de nosotros
Que este amor se haya gastado de repente
Vuelve a recordarme cuando todo era nuevo
Look into my eyes because I feel you're different
I'm afraid of us
That this love has suddenly worn out
Remind me again when everything was new
"100 años" is a song by Carlos Rivera and Maluma that addresses a relationship that is in danger of ending. The lyrics express the singer's fear that the love between them has suddenly run out, and they ask the person they are singing to to remember when their love was new and they promised it would be eternal. The singer pleads with their partner not to leave them, and offers to change if that is what it takes to save the relationship. They express their unwillingness to let the love end, saying that even though people say that no heartbreak lasts more than 100 years, they do not want to be the first one to find out if that is true.
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