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The song "Un X100to" by Grupo Frontera, featuring Bad Bunny, is about a man who regrets losing his lover and is trying to apologize. He admits that he has been lying about being happy and that he has tried to forget her by dating other women and drinking heavily. He is aware that his ex-girlfriend has moved on and is doing well without him, but he still wants to tell her how sorry he is for his mistakes. The title "Un X100to" refers to the last one percent of his love and effort that he wants to use to apologize to his ex-girlfriend.
Grupo Frontera is a musical group of regional Mexican music, originally from the United States. Formed in the Texas Valley with roots from Tamaulipas and Nuevo León, Grupo Frontera was established in 2022. This group is characterized by its mix of norteño and cumbia rhythms. Their biggest success so far is in the song "No Se Va", a cover of the song originally by Morat. The song cover has led the members to become known throughout the United States and the Mexican Republic. The group said that it all started as a hobby which soon became a dream come true.