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Yahritza Y Su Esencia
"Soy El Unico" by Yahritza Y Su Esencia is a song about the pain of loving someone who doesn't appreciate you. The lyrics express the desire to move on from a relationship that has caused nothing but heartache and start anew. The singer acknowledges the time and effort that was wasted on the relationship and wants to forget about it. The chorus emphasizes the idea that the singer is the only one who can treat their partner the way they deserve to be treated. Overall, the song is a powerful message about self-worth and the importance of valuing oneself in a relationship.
Yahritza y Su Esencia are a trio from Washington State's Yakima Valley who specialize in Mexican regional music and ranchera. The band includes three siblings: singer and songwriter Yahritza Martínez, Armando (Mando) Martínez playing the requinto, and Jairo Martínez playing bajoloche (a form of bass). For the week of April 9, 2022, their song "Soy el Único" appeared on the Billboard Global 200. Yahritza wrote the song when she was only fourteen. At the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards in November 2022, Yahritza y Su Esencia were nominated for best new artist.