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Learn Romanian Through Songs
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Romanian through song lyrics is a great way to learn Romanian! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Romanian!
These 7 song recommendations are suitable for beginners and will get you started with learning Romanian with music and song lyrics.
1 Soarele Şi Luna (The Sun And The Moon) - Pasha Parfeni
2 Printre Culori (Among The Colours) - Dan Balan
3 Tare (Strong) - The Motans
4 S-a Întâmplat (It Happened) - Dalma Kovacs
5 Dragostea Din Tei (Love From The Linden Tree) - O-Zone
6 De Ce Plâng Chitarele (Why Do The Guitars Cry) - O-Zone
7 Despre Tine (About you) - O-Zone
Soarele Şi Luna (The Sun And The Moon)
Pasha Parfeni
Codrule cu frunză deasă
Cred că mi-am găsit mireasă
Nistrule cu apă lină
M-am pierdut și ea-i de vină
Forrest with dense leaf
I think that I found my bride
Dniester with smooth water
I got lost and she's to blame
"Soarele Şi Luna" is a song by Pasha Parfeni, a talented artist from Moldova. The lyrics of the song tell a story of love and devotion. The protagonist compares his love interest to a dense leafy forest and the calm waters of the Nistru River. He sings about how he has serenaded her with many songs and how she reciprocated his affection by wanting to kiss him. The chorus of the song emphasizes the power of the sun and the moon, symbolizing their eternal love and commitment. The protagonist promises his bride a wedding under a starry sky and presents her with a precious ring on the seventh evening. The repetition of the chorus reinforces the idea that the sun and the moon will hold their union together. Overall, "Soarele Şi Luna" is a romantic song that celebrates the beauty of love and the strength of a committed relationship.
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Printre Culori (Among The Colours)
Dan Balan
Iar noi ne iubeam
Printre culori printre culori
În noapte
Să fiu
But we were loving each other
Among colors among colors
In the night
To be
In Dan Balan's song "Printre Culori", he reflects on a past summer romance, remembering the vivid colors of the season and the emotions of young love. He sings of the memories of the two of them flying, falling, and embracing in the night sky, and of the deep feelings that still linger. The song is a reminder of the beauty of young love and the power of nostalgia.
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Tare (Strong)
The Motans, Inna
Doar chitara mea și noaptea
Se preling pe pielea ta
Vreau să m-acompaniezi
Spunându-mi că ești a mea
Only my guitar and the night
Trickle down your skin
I want you to accompany me
Telling me that you're mine
The Motans' song "Tare" is a passionate love song about the desire to be loved deeply and completely. The lyrics describe the narrator's feelings of being overwhelmed by the love of their partner, and the need to be loved with all their heart and soul. The narrator expresses their willingness to take on any pain that comes with the love, and to accept their partner's love unconditionally. The song is a plea for a passionate and intense love that will last forever.
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S-a Întâmplat (It Happened)
Dalma Kovacs
Zăpada strălucește în amurg
Nici o urmă nu-i pe ea
Tărâmul ascuns de lume
Este împărăția mea
The snow sparkles in the twilight
Not a trace on it
The hidden land from the world
It's my kingdom
The song "S-a Întâmplat" by Dalma Kovacs is the Romanian version of the Disney song 'Let it go'. The lyrics talk about a person who has decided to leave their past behind and start a new life. The lyrics describe a hidden world where everything is like a storm that cannot be stopped. The person has made a decision to leave and start a new life, even though others may not understand. The cold winter becomes their friend, and they feel liberated and free. The song is about taking control of one's life and making a fresh start, leaving behind the past and embracing the future.
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Dragostea Din Tei (Love From The Linden Tree)
Alo, salut, sunt eu, un haiduc
Și te rog, iubirea mea, primește fericirea
Alo, alo, sunt eu Picasso
Ți-am dat beep, și sunt voinic
Hi, hello, it's me, an outlaw
And I beg you, my love, receive happiness
Hello, hello, it's me Picasso
I gave you a call, and I'm strong
"Dragostea Din Tei" by O-Zone is a song about a man who is trying to express his love for someone, but she is not reciprocating. He remembers her face and their infatuation, and calls out to them, asking her to stay. He expresses his feelings of love and longing, and his desire to be with her.
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De Ce Plâng Chitarele (Why Do The Guitars Cry)
Ştii de ce plâng chitarele?
Le-au rănit amintirile
Tu, iubire, spune-le
Ce-a fost nu s-a pierdut
Do you know why the guitars cry?
They were hurt by the memories
You, love, tell them
What was isn't lost
In the song De Ce Plâng Chitarele by O-Zone, the singer expresses his longing for a lost love, asking why his guitar cries and why the night is so bitter without her. He pleads for her to tell him that what was once there has not been lost. The song reflects on the pain of lost love and the emptiness of the night without it.
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Despre Tine (About you)
Mă trezesc cu tine-n gând
Despre tine vreau să cânt
Melodia mea de dor
Care place tuturor
I wake up with you on my mind
About you I want to sing
My melody of longing
That everyone likes
Despre Tine by O-Zone is a song about unrequited love and longing. The lyrics describe the singer's feelings of waking up thinking of the person they love, writing them often even though they don't respond, and how the world cries for the beauty of the person they love. The singer expresses their desire to take the person away with them in their dreams and teach them to laugh, and sings a melody of longing for them.
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