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Natalia Lafourcade
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Natalia Lafourcade's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 6 song recommendations by Natalia Lafourcade to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Natalia Lafourcade is a Mexican singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been making music since the early 2000s. She has won multiple Latin Grammy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, and was nominated for many more. Her music is a mix of traditional Mexican folk music, Latin pop, and rock, and she often incorporates elements of jazz and bossa nova into her songs. She has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Los Macorinos, Los Angeles Azules, and Lila Downs.
1 Pajarito Colibrí (Hummingbird)
2 Tú Sí Sabes Quererme (Yes, You Know How To Love Me)
3 Alfonsina y El Mar (Alfonsina and The Sea)
4 Nunca Es Suficiente (It's Never Enough)
5 Hasta La Raíz (To The Root)
6 Lo Que Construimos (What We Built)
Pajarito Colibrí (Hummingbird)
Pajarito colibrí, no tengas miedo de salir
Hoy el mundo quiere que despiertes para ser feliz
Pajarito colibrí, no tengas miedo de vivir
Que la noche oscura y misteriosa baila para ti
Little hummingbird, don't be afraid to go
Today the world wants you to wake up to be happy
Little hummingbird, don't be afraid to live
May the dark and mysterious night dance for you
The song "Pajarito Colibrí" by Natalia Lafourcade is about encouraging the little hummingbird to embrace life and not be afraid to explore the world. The lyrics convey the message of hope and assurance that everything will be alright, and that the bird should not be afraid to live and be happy. The song urges the bird to fly and explore, even when feeling afraid, and to trust the universe to guide and protect it. The overall theme of the song is to encourage the listener to embrace life with optimism and courage.
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Tú Sí Sabes Quererme (Yes, You Know How To Love Me)
Ha pasado tanto tiempo
Finalmente, descubrí tus besos
Me enredaste en tu mirada
Me abrazaste con todos mis defectos
So much time has passed
Finally, I discovered your kisses
You entangled me in your gaze
You embraced me with all my flaws
The song "Tú Sí Sabes Quererme" by Natalia Lafourcade is a declaration of love to a partner who knows how to love and cherish the singer for who she is. The lyrics describe the joy and fulfillment of finally finding someone who truly understands and appreciates her. The singer pleads for her lover to stay with her forever and promises to love and cherish them in return. The song's overall message is one of hope and gratitude for a deep and meaningful connection with another person.
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Alfonsina y El Mar (Alfonsina and The Sea)
Por la blanda arena que lame el mar
Su pequeña huella
No vuelve más
Un sendero sólo de pena y silencio llegó
By the soft sand that the sea licks
Your little footprint
Doesn't come back anymore
A path of only pain and silence arrived
"Alfonsina y El Mar" is a song that speaks about the death of the Argentine poet Alfonsina Storni. The lyrics describe her walking towards the sea and taking her own life, overwhelmed by her struggles and sorrows, including her diagnosis of breast cancer. The song portrays the sea as a place of peace and comfort where she will find solace for her pain. The last part of the song talks about her departure and how she becomes one with the sea, represented by the image of her being dressed in seafoam. Overall, the song reflects on the themes of solitude, pain, and transcendence through death.
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Nunca Es Suficiente (It's Never Enough)
Nunca es suficiente para mí
Porque siempre quiero más de ti
Yo quisiera hacerte más feliz
Hoy, mañana, siempre, hasta el fin
It's never enough for me
Because I always want more from you
I'd like to make you happier
Today, tomorrow, always, until the end
Nunca Es Suficiente by Natalia Lafourcade is a song about unrequited love and the pain of wanting more from someone who is not able to give it. The lyrics describe the narrator's desire to make her partner happy, but he is so used to love that he doesn't recognize it. The singer expresses her sadness and frustration at his lack of understanding, and ultimately their inability to stay in the relationship. The song ends with the singer reflecting on the pain of the situation and how she will be left with memories of her partner.
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Hasta La Raíz (To The Root)
Sigo cruzando ríos
Andando selvas
Amando el sol
Cada día sigo sacando espinas
I continue crossing rivers
Walking through jungles
Loving the sun
Every day I continue removing thorns
The song "Hasta La Raíz" by Natalia Lafourcade is about the enduring love and deep connection the singer has with someone who has left an indelible mark on her heart. Despite the passage of time and distance between them, the singer cannot forget this person and they continue to live on in her memories and in her heart "hasta la raíz" (to the root). The lyrics describe how the singer continues to move forward, overcoming obstacles, and keeping her loved one close to her, even when they are apart. The song is a tribute to the power of love and the lasting impact that someone can have on our lives.
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Lo Que Construimos (What We Built)
Esta historia terminó, no existe
Lo que un día construimos se ha esfumado
Pareciera que es más fácil dejarnos
Pero eres un fantasma conmigo caminando
This story ended, it doesn't exist
What one day we built has vanished
It seems that it's easier to leave each other
But you're a ghost walking with me
"Lo Que Construimos" by Natalia Lafourcade is a heartfelt song that explores the end of a relationship and the emotions that come with it. The lyrics express the idea that what was once built together has now disappeared, and it may seem easier to let go. However, the singer acknowledges the importance of the relationship and the love that was shared. Despite the pain, the singer recognizes that what they had was unique and special, and it will always be a part of them. The song beautifully captures the bittersweet feeling of letting go and the realization that some things are meant to be cherished as memories.
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