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Natalia Lafourcade
Intermediate | Pop | Mexico
Nunca Es Suficiente by Natalia Lafourcade is a song about unrequited love and the pain of wanting more from someone who is not able to give it. The lyrics describe the narrator's desire to make her partner happy, but he is so used to love that he doesn't recognize it. The singer expresses her sadness and frustration at his lack of understanding, and ultimately their inability to stay in the relationship. The song ends with the singer reflecting on the pain of the situation and how she will be left with memories of her partner.
Natalia Lafourcade is a Mexican singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been making music since the early 2000s. She has won multiple Latin Grammy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, and was nominated for many more. Her music is a mix of traditional Mexican folk music, Latin pop, and rock, and she often incorporates elements of jazz and bossa nova into her songs. She has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Los Macorinos, Los Angeles Azules, and Lila Downs.