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Natalia Lafourcade
The song "Pajarito Colibrí" by Natalia Lafourcade is about encouraging the little hummingbird to embrace life and not be afraid to explore the world. The lyrics convey the message of hope and assurance that everything will be alright, and that the bird should not be afraid to live and be happy. The song urges the bird to fly and explore, even when feeling afraid, and to trust the universe to guide and protect it. The overall theme of the song is to encourage the listener to embrace life with optimism and courage.
Natalia Lafourcade is a Mexican singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who has been making music since the early 2000s. She has won multiple Latin Grammy Awards, 2 Grammy Awards, and was nominated for many more. Her music is a mix of traditional Mexican folk music, Latin pop, and rock, and she often incorporates elements of jazz and bossa nova into her songs. She has collaborated with a variety of artists, including Los Macorinos, Los Angeles Azules, and Lila Downs.