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Ivan Cornejo
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Ivan Cornejo's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 18 song recommendations by Ivan Cornejo to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Ivan Cornejo (born in 2004 in Riverside, California), is an American regional Mexican music singer-songwriter. Cornejo endured a breakup in middle school that provided inspiration for songwriting. He taught himself how to play the guitar by watching tutorials on YouTube. His single "Está Dañada", went viral on TikTok in September 2021. His second studio album Dañado, debuted and peaked at number one on the Regional Mexican Albums chart in the week ending June 18, 2022. The album sold 8,000 album-equivalent units, with 11.9 million on-demand streams of the album's songs, while it peaked at number four on the Top Latin Albums chart.
1 Ya Te Perdí (I Already Lost You)
2 Está Dañada (She's Hurt)
3 Aquí Te Espero (Here I Wait For You)
4 J.
5 Tatuajes (Tattoos)
6 La Última Vez (The Last Time)
7 Está Dañado (He's Hurt)
8 La Curiosidad (The Curiosity)
9 ¡Corre! (Run!)
10 Estás En Mi Pasado (You Are In My Past)
11 Te Sigo Extrañando (I Still Miss You)
12 No Me Quise Ir (I Didn't Want To Leave)
13 Corazón Frio (Cold Heart)
14 Llamadas Perdidas (Missed Calls)
15 Triste (Sad)
16 Noche De Relajo (Night To Relax)
17 Perro Abandonado (Abandoned Dog)
18 Esa Carita (That Little Face)
Ya Te Perdí (I Already Lost You)
Desde que me abandonaste
Ya nada es igual
Ya no soy el mismo de antes
No sé cómo aceptar
Since you abandoned me
Nothing is the same anymore
I'm not the same as before
I don't know how to accept
Ya Te Perdí by Ivan Cornejo is a song about the pain of losing someone you love. The lyrics tell the story of a man who has been abandoned by his partner and is struggling to accept the new reality. He reflects on how his weekends no longer feel the same without her, and how he realizes that her love was only temporary. He expresses his regret for not seeing the signs that she was leaving, and his longing for her to return. The song ultimately conveys the sadness of losing someone and the pain of knowing that they have moved on.
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Está Dañada (She's Hurt)
Está dañada del amor
No siente ningún dolor
Su felicidad terminó
Su esperanza desapareció
She's hurt from love
She doesn't feel any pain
Her happiness ended
Her hope disappeared
Ivan Cornejo's song Está Dañada is a heartfelt ballad about a woman who has been hurt by love and has lost her faith in it. The lyrics describe her sadness and loneliness, but also her resilience and strength as she continues to find joy in dancing with her friends and singing the song they used to share. Despite her pain, she still finds beauty in the world and hope in her own resilience.
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Aquí Te Espero (Here I Wait For You)
¿Quién crees que eres usted, maltratándome así?
Piensas que soy un pendejo haciendo todo por ti
No te aproveches de mí, sabes que tienes poder
Tú tienes todo el control, yo casi no puedo ver
Who do you think you are, mistreating me like this?
You think that I'm a dumbass doing everything for you
Don't take advantage of me, you know that you have power
You have all the control, I almost can't see
In the song "Aquí Te Espero" by Ivan Cornejo, the artist expresses his feelings of being mistreated and taken advantage of in a relationship. He questions the person's actions and their power over him, while also acknowledging his own vulnerability. Despite the pain, he still longs for their love and is willing to wait for them, even though he knows it may be a lie. The lyrics convey a sense of longing, heartbreak, and the struggle to let go.
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Yo era tu vaso cuando tenías sed
Como en la mañana, yo era tu café
Yo era una abeja y tú eras mi miel
Conectamos bien, te lo juro, bebé
I was your glass when you were thirsty
Like in the morning, I was your coffee
I was a bee and you were my honey
We connected well, I swear, baby
The song "J." by Ivan Cornejo is about a past relationship which failed. He expresses his love and devotion for her, stating that he was always there for her when she needed him and that he was the first person to truly love her. He also expresses his anger towards the man who is currently with her, wanting him to treat her with respect. The chorus repeats that he still sees her everywhere he goes and that his love for her is like fire, never ending. The song ends with the man expressing his desire to start another chapter with her and his sadness that it is impossible. Despite their separation, the male singer's love for his ex-girlfriend remains as strong as ever. The title "J." may refer to the initial of the ex-girlfriend's name, or it could be symbolic of the journey their relationship took.
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Tatuajes (Tattoos)
Hoy me levanté llorando
Tuve un sueño especial
Que eras mía en verdad
No importa dónde estoy
Today I got up crying
I had a special dream
That you were really mine
It doesn't matter where I am
In the song Tatuajes by Ivan Cornejo, the narrator expresses his feelings of jealousy and regret over a lost love. He reflects on the fact that his former partner is now with someone else, and he is unable to do anything about it. He expresses his sadness and longing for her, but he also feels like she will never forget him. He also expresses his jealousy of her tattoos which get to touch her, and the other person who gets to give her flowers. Despite his pain, he wishes her well.
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La Última Vez (The Last Time)
Me enamoré
De una mujer
Me enamoré de una mujer
Que en verdad es peligrosa
I fell in love
With a woman
I fell in love with a woman
Who really is dangerous
In La Última Vez by Ivan Cornejo, the narrator reflects on the love he had for a woman who was dangerous yet captivating. He remembers the last time he looked at her, feeling butterflies, and the last time he kissed her, feeling content. He realizes that it will not be easy to forget her, and though he wishes her the best, he knows that it will not be with him. He remembers the way she used to kiss him and dance with him, and how he wanted to make her happy and see her smile. He knows that he will miss her for the rest of his life.
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Está Dañado (He's Hurt)
Dame un momento, por favor
Sigo pensando en tu bonito olor
Cuando tú mires mis ojos
¿Qué no ves que no duermo?
Give me a moment, please
I continue thinking of your beautiful smell
When you look into my eyes
Don't you see that I don't sleep?
The song "Está Dañado" (Translation: He's Hurt / It Is Damaged) by Ivan Cornejo is about a failed relationship in the past. He still longs for her touch and scent and can't help but think about her. He recalls the way she looked at him when she professed her love and how he felt like he was flying with her. However, he also acknowledges that the promise of eternal love was a mistake. The aftermath of the breakup has been difficult for him. His mother asks him about the woman and he struggles to answer her. Ultimately, the song speaks to the pain of heartbreak and how it has left him feeling damaged.
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La Curiosidad (The Curiosity)
Te agarro de la cintura
Bailamos como si no hay mañana
Qué tonto por enamorarme si ni te conozco
Tu mirada lo decía todo
I grab you by the waist
We danced as if there's no tomorrow
How foolish to fall in love if I don't even know you
Your gaze said it all
The song "La Curiosidad" by Ivan Cornejo tells the story of two strangers who meet at a club and feel an instant attraction to each other. Despite not knowing each other well, they dance and flirt, and eventually end up in a hotel room together. The lyrics express the idea that life is short, and the curiosity and passion they feel for each other is worth pursuing. The song has a sensual and seductive tone, with references to music, dancing, and physical intimacy.
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¡Corre! (Run!)
Me miras diferente
Me abrazas y no siento tu calor
Te digo lo que siento
Me interrumpes y terminas la oración
You look at me differently
You hug me and I don't feel your warmth
I tell you what I feel
You interrupt me and finish the sentence
Ivan Cornejo's "Corre!" is a song about saying goodbye to a relationship. The singer realizes that the relationship is over and that he no longer feels the same warmth. He tells her to leave, to take whatever she wants, but not to expect tears from him. The singer has lived this scene many times before and knows that it is better for both of them if she leaves. The song is an invitation to let go of the past and move on.
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Estás En Mi Pasado (You Are In My Past)
Ya se cansó mi corazón
Ya no regreso ya no hay amor
Ya se cansó mi corazón
Ya no regreso todo cambió
My heart got tired already
I won't come back, there's no love anymore
My heart got tired already
I won't come back, everything changed
"Estás En Mi Pasado" by Ivan Cornejo is a heartfelt song that explores the theme of moving on from a past relationship. The lyrics express the singer's realization that their heart is tired and there is no love left. They have found happiness living without their former partner, and the time that has passed has caused things to change. The song portrays a sense of liberation and growth as the singer embraces a new life without their ex. They are enjoying themselves with friends, leaving behind the memories and pain of the past. The lyrics also convey a sense of determination and ambition as the singer's goals are being achieved, even without their former partner by their side. Overall, "Estás En Mi Pasado" is a powerful anthem of moving on and finding happiness after a breakup.
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Te Sigo Extrañando (I Still Miss You)
Enamorados empezamos
Tristemente, mira cosas han cambiado
Las memorias se quedaron
Mariposas tú me dabas con tus abrazos
In love we began
Sadly, look, things have changed
The memories remained
Butterflies you were giving me with your hugs
Te Sigo Extrañando by Ivan Cornejo is a song about lost love and the pain of separation. The lyrics describe the memories of a past relationship that has ended, leaving the singer feeling alone and longing for his former partner. The song speaks to the universal experience of heartbreak and the struggle to move on from a love that has been lost. Through the power of music, the song captures the emotions of heartbreak and the hope for reconciliation. It is a beautiful reminder of the power of music to heal and connect us to our deepest emotions.
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No Me Quise Ir (I Didn't Want To Leave)
Me amas
Cuando estoy a punto de partir
Te amo
Pero sé que ya es hora de ir
You love me
When I'm about to leave
I love you
But I know that it's time to go
The song "No Me Quise Ir" by Ivan Cornejo is about a complicated and painful breakup. The lyrics suggest that the singer still loves her, but he knows it's time to go their separate ways. The singer feels that they have wasted their time and made sacrifices that didn't matter. The singer acknowledges that it hurts to see his partner in pain, but he believes it's better to leave than to stay in a relationship that isn't working. The lyrics also suggest that he has moved on and found love elsewhere, which adds to his partner's pain. Overall, the song is a sad reflection on the end of a relationship that was once filled with love but has now turned sour.
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Corazón Frio (Cold Heart)
Mi corazón, ya está frío
Me lo quebraste ahora no creo en amor
Mi guitarra ahora suena
Cantando es mi única forma de expresar
My heart is already cold
You broke it now I don't believe in love
My guitar now plays
Singing is my only way to express
"Corazón Frio" by Ivan Cornejo is a heartfelt song that explores the pain and aftermath of a broken heart. The lyrics express the singer's cold and broken heart, as well as their reliance on music and their guitar to express their feelings. The song delves into the memories and emotions that are trapped in the singer's mind, highlighting the seriousness of the relationship that has now caused them heartache. The lyrics also touch on the damage caused to the singer's health and the time wasted on someone who turned out to be nothing. Despite the pain, the song acknowledges that things happen and feelings change, ultimately conveying a sense of acceptance and moving on.
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Llamadas Perdidas (Missed Calls)
Contesto la llamada cuando me da gana
Yo sé lo qué pasa
El amor siempre gana
Contesto la llamada cuando me da gana
I answer the call when I feel like it
I know what's happening
The love always wins
I answer the call when I feel like it
"Llamadas Perdidas" by Ivan Cornejo is a song that explores the complexities of love and the changes that occur over time. The lyrics depict a relationship where one person is constantly reaching out, while the other plays games and tells lies. The song reflects on the lost time and wasted efforts, highlighting the importance of love and the power it holds. As the artist sings about waiting for change and longing for phone calls, the lyrics remind us that things can change and that love always prevails.
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Triste (Sad)
¿Cómo voy a estar contento
Si tú ya no estás conmigo?
Claro que duele tu ausencia
Yo era tu mejor amigo
How am I going to be happy
If you're not anymore with me?
Of course your absence hurts
I was your best friend
Triste by Ivan Cornejo featuring Polo González is a song that speaks about heartbreak and the pain of losing someone you love. The lyrics express the sadness and emptiness that comes with the absence of a loved one, and the struggle to move on. The song acknowledges the hurt caused by the loss, but also encourages the listener to find ways to heal and enjoy life again. The music is a mix of traditional Mexican and American styles, creating a unique sound that complements the emotional lyrics. Overall, Triste is a powerful and relatable song that captures the universal experience of heartbreak.
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Noche De Relajo (Night To Relax)
Va llegando el seis seis cuatro, la noche ya va empezando
Con mis compas por un lado, bien a gusto disfrutando
Va viajado el muchacho, su mente va despegando
El tiempo se va volando
The six six four is arriving, the night is starting
With my friends by my side, enjoying ourselves
The young man is traveling, his mind taking off
Time is flying
Noche De Relajo by Ivan Cornejo is a song that captures the essence of a night out with friends. The lyrics describe the excitement of the night as it begins, with the protagonist and his friends enjoying themselves. The song talks about the protagonist's feelings towards a woman he is with, and how he cannot stop looking at her beautiful lips. The lyrics also mention the effects of alcohol on the protagonist, as he feels trapped in his seat and unable to stand up. The song is a perfect representation of a fun night out with friends, filled with love, laughter, and music.
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Perro Abandonado (Abandoned Dog)
¿Cuántos meses han pasado y no me olvido de ti?
Varias páginas en mi calendario que volteé
Siempre hallas tu camino adentro de mi mente
Me encantaba cuando me decías cosas al oído
How many months have passed and I don't forget about you?
Several pages in my calendar that I turned
You always find your way inside my mind
I was loving when you said things in my ear
"Perro Abandonado" by Ivan Cornejo is a heartfelt song that explores the pain and longing experienced after a breakup. The lyrics express the lingering memories and emotions that the singer still holds onto, even after several months have passed. The song reflects on the moments shared with the ex-partner, the intimate conversations, and the passionate dances they had together. However, the relationship took a toll on the singer's emotions, leaving them feeling damaged and abandoned, like a stray dog. The lyrics also reveal a plea for the ex-partner to keep their shared jokes and secrets private, as they still hold a special place in the singer's heart. Overall, "Perro Abandonado" captures the raw emotions and vulnerability that come with heartbreak, making it relatable to anyone who has experienced the pain of lost love.
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Esa Carita (That Little Face)
Y esa carita
Esos ojitos bien bonitos que me miran
Los que me dicen si estás triste o perdida
Yo te ayudo en lo que sea tú necesitas
And that face
Those very pretty eyes that look at me
The ones that tell me if you're sad or lost
I help you with whatever you need
"Esa Carita" by Ivan Cornejo is a romantic song that expresses the singer's love and admiration for his partner. The lyrics describe the beauty of his partner's eyes and how they communicate her emotions to him. The singer promises to be there for her whenever she needs him and takes her on a romantic drive to look at the stars. The song also talks about how the singer's partner completes his life and how much he loves her. The upbeat melody and catchy lyrics make it a perfect song for those who want to express their love through music.
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