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Corrido Tumbado
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Corrido Tumbado is a great way to learn Spanish! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 13 Corrido Tumbado song recommendations to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Corrido Tumbado!
1 Bye - Peso Pluma
2 LUNA (MOON) - Peso Pluma
3 LAGUNAS (LAGOONS) - Peso Pluma
4 PRC - Peso Pluma
5 AMG - Natanael Cano
6 NUEVA VIDA (NEW LIFE) - Peso Pluma
7 TQM (Te Quiero Mucho = I Love You) - Fuerza Regida
8 Rosa Pastel (Pink Cake) - Peso Pluma
9 Dias Nublados (Cloudy Days) - Junior H
10 Todo Es Playa (Everything Is Beach) - Peso Pluma
11 Mi Bello Angel (My Beautiful Angel) - Natanael Cano
12 Pacas De Billetes (Piles Of Bills) - Natanael Cano
13 Lo Que Me Das (What You Give Me) - Peso Pluma
1. Bye
Peso Pluma
¿Qué será?
Tal vez la noche, como de costumbre amanecerá
Sigo pensando en tus gestos cuando se me cruza otra
Pero es lo que hay
What will it be?
Maybe the night, as usual, will dawn
I continue thinking about your gestures when another crosses my path
But that's what there is
The song "Bye" by Peso Pluma is about a breakup and the process of moving on. The lyrics express the singer's desire to forget about their past relationship and the pain that came with it. The chorus repeats the word "bye" as a way of saying goodbye to their former partner and acknowledging that they are better off apart. The verses also touch on the idea of finding distractions and new love interests to help cope with the breakup. Overall, the song conveys a sense of acceptance and closure after a difficult breakup.
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Peso Pluma, Junior H
Luna, dile tú
Que tú eres la única que la puede mirar
Luna, dile tú
Que tú eres la única que la puede mirar
Moon, you tell her
Because you are the only one that can see her
Moon, you tell her
Because you are the only one that can see her
The song "Luna" by Peso Pluma featuring Junior H is a heartfelt plea to the moon to watch over a lost love. The lyrics speak of the moon as the only one who can see this person, and the singer asks the moon to protect and care for them. The song also touches on the pain of losing someone to another person, but the singer finds solace in knowing that the moon will always be there to watch over their love. The song showcases the power of music to express deep emotions and connect people across cultures.
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Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez
Esta noche hay luna que dio energías buenas
Pero hay una pena que no me deja ser
Ay, esa mujer
No la veo por abstinencia
Tonight there is a full moon that gave good energies
But there's a pain that doesn't let me be
Oh, that woman
I don't see her because of abstinence
The song "Lagunas" by Peso Pluma featuring Jasiel Nuñez is a heartfelt expression of longing and regret. The lyrics describe the singer's struggle to move on from a past relationship, as he navigates the "lagunas" or murky waters of his own mind. Despite the pain of separation, the singer acknowledges that distance may be necessary for both parties to heal and grow. The song's melancholic melody and soulful vocals create a hauntingly beautiful atmosphere, inviting listeners to reflect on their own experiences of love and loss.
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4. PRC
Peso Pluma, Natanael Cano
Me levanto, un baño y luego me pongo a forjar
Es veneno, da pa' arriba, de muy buena calidad
Los teléfonos no paran nunca de sonar
Si no es alguna plebita
I get up, a shower and then I start to roll
It's poison, gives a high, of very good quality
The phones never stop ringing
If it's not some girl
The song "PRC" by Peso Pluma seems to be about the drug trade and the lifestyle that comes with it. PRC is short for 'Polvo, Ruedas, Cristal', which are all drugs references. The lyrics describe the daily routine of the narrator, who wakes up, forges drugs, and sells them to clients who constantly call. The packages are well hidden, and the narrator is always ready to transport them. The song also mentions the enjoyment of the lifestyle, with parties and women, and the pride in their success. Overall, the song portrays the dangerous and lucrative world of drug dealing.
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5. AMG
Natanael Cano, Peso Pluma, Gabito Ballesteros
De todo ya pasé
Claro que le batallé
Lo saben dos o tres
No soy el mismo que era ayer
I've been through everything
Of course, I struggled
Two or three people know it
I'm not the same as yesterday
The song "AMG" by Natanael Cano featuring Peso Pluma and Gabito Ballesteros is a celebration of success and material wealth. The lyrics describe the artist's journey from struggling to achieve his dreams to now being able to afford everything he once wished for, including a Mercedes AMG and a G-63. The song also touches on the artist's love for beautiful women and his ability to attract them with his wealth and status. The overall message of the song is one of pride and confidence in one's accomplishments and the ability to enjoy the fruits of one's labor.
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Peso Pluma
La noche ha llegado, ya estoy preparado
Humo en one recluse a mí me ven forjando
Siempre bien tranquilo, nunca ando de ondeado
Me gusta hacer gente, yo nunca me rajo
The night has arrived, I'm already prepared
Smoke in a corner, they see me rolling
Always very calm, I never walk around like a fool
I like to connect with people, I never back down
The song "Nueva Vida" by Peso Pluma is about the artist's journey towards a new life. He talks about how he is always prepared and focused on his goals, and how he has good friends who have supported him along the way. He also mentions his parents and how they have given him a good life. However, he acknowledges that things have changed and he is now living a new life, which has brought about some envy from others. Despite this, he remains confident and unafraid of the unknown, with his friend Rulas always by his side. The song is a reflection of the artist's personal growth and determination to succeed.
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7. TQM (Te Quiero Mucho = I Love You)
Fuerza Regida
De Psycho Bunny o de Burberry
Fumando pura motita cherry
Super dorada, cacha de San Judas
Las morras fresas me ponen débil
From Psycho Bunny or Burberry
Smoking only cherry weed
Gold pistol, Saint Jude on the grip
The fancy girls make me weak
"TQM" by Fuerza Regida is a lively song that showcases the artist's fashionable lifestyle, confidence, and enjoyment of partying. The lyrics mention luxury brands, smoking, and his popularity among women. Fuerza Regida exudes success and boasts about his achievements, while also expressing a desire for a festive atmosphere and companionship.
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8. Rosa Pastel (Pink Cake)
Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez
De poco edad, pero bien listo porque la verdad
Siempre persisto para grande llegar
En mi cabeza siempre mi papá
Saludos pa'l boss que está junto a Dios
Young but very ready because the truth
I always persist to reach greatness
On my mind is always my dad
Greetings to the boss who is with God
The song "Rosa Pastel" by Peso Pluma, Jasiel Nuñez is about a young person who is ambitious and determined to succeed in business. The person looks up to their father and a mentor, and they send greetings to a boss who has passed away. The lyrics mention doing business in Amsterdam and making successful deals. The person enjoys the rewards of their hard work, such as desserts and parties. Overall, the song encourages persistence, patience, and strategic thinking to achieve success.
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9. Dias Nublados (Cloudy Days)
Junior H
Me duele la espalda
De cargar el peso
Y es que tus recuerdos me lastiman, ya no puedo
El día está nublado
My back hurts
From carrying the weight
And it's that your memories hurt me, I can't anymore
The day is cloudy
"Dias Nublados" by Junior H is a song about heartbreak and the pain of letting go. The lyrics describe the physical and emotional weight of carrying memories of a past love that have become too heavy to bear. The singer reflects on the cloudy days that have followed since the breakup and how his dog even seems to miss the person who left without saying goodbye. Despite the sadness, the singer admits that he enjoyed the relationship and the memories they shared. The song ends with the singer acknowledging that their story is now history, but he still finds comfort in the cloudy days.
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10. Todo Es Playa (Everything Is Beach)
Peso Pluma
Primo, tóquese el corrido de la otra vez
Me puse bien loco y ya no me acordé
Con plebitas bebiendo Martell
Swishers, Arctic Ice, strawberries o quizás un grey
Cousin, play the corrido from the other time
I got really crazy and I don't remember anymore
With girls drinking Martell
Swishers, Arctic Ice, strawberries or maybe a grey
The song "Todo Es Playa" by Peso Pluma is about enjoying life, drinking and partying with friends. The lyrics talk about the narrator getting drunk with some girls, crossing the border from Tijuana to San Diego, and being judged by others for his behavior. Despite this, the chorus repeats the phrase "Todo Es Playa," which means "everything is beach," suggesting that the narrator is carefree and not worried about anything. The song celebrates the camaraderie of friends and the ability to escape from problems through fun and partying.
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11. Mi Bello Angel (My Beautiful Angel)
Natanael Cano
Miras con tanta dulzura, hermosa criatura
Tú mi bello ángel que cayó del cielo
Soy un simple pobre diablo que corrió con suerte
Que logró obtenerte por obra divina
You look so sweet, beautiful creature
You, my beautiful angel who fell from heaven
I am a simple poor devil who ran with luck
Who managed to obtain you by divine work
"Mi Bello Angel" by Natanael Cano is a heartfelt song that expresses deep love and admiration for someone special. The lyrics describe the person as a beautiful creature who came into the singer's life like a divine miracle. The singer feels lucky to have found this person and confesses that they are the only one who brings them joy and excitement. The song portrays the intense emotions experienced when this person is absent, as the singer feels lost and disconnected from the world. The lyrics also suggest that this person has had a transformative effect on the singer, making them feel like a different person. Overall, "Mi Bello Angel" is a passionate declaration of love and the profound impact that one person can have on another's life.
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12. Pacas De Billetes (Piles Of Bills)
Natanael Cano
Pacas de billetes y una mente que las puede
Desde plebes sabíamos que íbamos pa' este level
Me cambió la vida, nos cambió ya el modo
Nunca para abajo siempre para arriba
Stacks of bills and a mind that can
Since we were children, we knew that we were going to this level
It changed my life, it already changed our way
Never down, always up
"Pacas De Billetes" is a popular Spanish song by Natanael Cano, an artist from Mexico. The song's lyrics revolve around the theme of achieving financial success and overcoming obstacles. Cano talks about his journey to success and how he never stopped working hard to reach his goals. He highlights his luxurious lifestyle and the material possessions that he has been able to acquire through his hard work. The song also emphasizes the importance of staying focused on one's goals and not letting others bring them down. With its catchy beat and relatable lyrics, "Pacas De Billetes" has become a favorite among Spanish-speaking audiences, especially those who are looking for motivation and inspiration to pursue their dreams.
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13. Lo Que Me Das (What You Give Me)
Peso Pluma
Y aquí andamos caminando
Juntos por el parque agarrados de la mano
Hoy tus ojos me miraron
Pidió el mundo entero y hasta la luna te traigo
And here we are walking
Together through the park holding hands
Today your eyes looked at me
She asked for the whole world and even the moon I bring you
The song "Lo Que Me Das" by Peso Pluma is a love song that describes the singer's admiration and love for his partner. The lyrics depict a happy couple walking hand in hand in the park and the singer expressing his admiration for his partner's beauty and charm. The singer promises to be faithful to his partner and pledges to be her only lover. The song's chorus emphasizes the importance of love and loyalty in a relationship, and the singer's sadness when his partner leaves. Overall, the song celebrates the beauty and loyalty of true love.
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