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The song "Por Las Noches (Remix)" by Peso Pluma & Nicki Nicole is about reminiscing on a past love and the pain of knowing that it's over. The lyrics describe the memories of being with someone, their scent, their body, and the intimacy shared. The singer expresses the feeling of being unable to touch this person again, like a precious jewel. Despite the pain, the singer desires one last kiss before they part ways. The lyrics also touch on the idea that sometimes, even when we want to stay together, circumstances and fate may not allow it. Ultimately, the song highlights the uniqueness of the love that was shared and the difficulty of letting go.
Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija (Zapopan, Jalisco, Mexico, June 15, 1999), artistically known as Peso Pluma, is a singer and composer of regional Mexican music. His international fame began in the year 2022, after collaborating with singers like Luis R. Conriquez and Natanael Cano. Due to his fame, he has also managed to collaborate with world-renowned artists such as Becky G, Nicki Nicole, Marshmello, and Ovy on the Drums.