Learn Russian With Music
Learn Russian With Music
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Russian with music and song lessons is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lessons are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Russian!
Below are many song recommendations to get you started learning! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Russian with music!
Contents Summary
1. Держи (Derzhi) (Hold on)
Дима Билан (Dima Bilan)
Давай с тобой мы отдохнём
С тобой вдвоём, с тобой вдвоём
Мы этот мир перевернём
С тобой вдвоём
Let's rest with you
With you together, with you together
We'll turn this world
With you together
In the song "Derzhi" by Dima Bilan, the singer encourages the listener to take a break from the world with him and to not worry about what other people think. He encourages the listener to take his hand and tell him what they want, as he will make sure they get it. The chorus repeats the phrase "Derzhi, Derzhi, Rukhu Moyu Derzhi" which translates to "Hold, Hold, Hold My Hand".
2. Мой рай (Moi rai) (My Paradise)
Помни, что ты мой рай, мой рай
Ты осветила жизнь мою улыбкой
Порхай, ты порхай
Только я прошу, не стань моей ошибкой
Remember that you're my paradise, my paradise
You lit up my life with your smile
Flutter, you flutter
Only I ask, don't become my mistake
In the song "Moi rai" by JONY, the singer expresses his love for someone and his desire for them to stay in his life. He acknowledges the risks of love, but still wants to take the chance and enjoy the moment. He emphasizes that the person is his paradise and that they have brought light to his life with their smile. He pleads with them not to become his mistake.
3. Love Your Voice
Без тебя мне холодно
Иду к тебе без повода
Коснись меня нечаянно
Расскажи мне что отличает нас
I'm cold without you
I'm going to you without reason
Touch me unintentionally
Tell me what makes us different
In JONY's song Love Your Voice, the artist expresses his love for his partner and the comfort and security he feels when he hears her voice. He describes the feeling of being in love as a storm outside that cannot enter their home, and his partner's voice as the thing that will save him.
4. Детство (Detstvo) (Childhood)
Rauf & Faik
Я всё решил наша речь не о любви
И отпустил ты пожалуйста живи
Просто убегай
И не вспоминай
I decided everything, our speech isn't about love
And I let you go please live
Simply run away
And don't remember
In the song "Detstvo" by Rauf & Faik, the narrator reflects on a past relationship, remembering the time when they were sixteen and had grown tired of kissing. The narrator expresses regret for having been so in love and wishes to forget the memories, repeating the lines "Never lie away" and "And I wanna hide" to emphasize the desire to move on.
5. Когда всё поймёшь (Kogda vsyo poimyosh) (When you understand everything)
Мне говорили что ты не придёшь
Но им не верил
Я знаю, и ты меня ждёшь
Цветы горели
They told me that you won't come
But I didn't believe them
I know, you're waiting for me also
Flowers were burning
In the song "Kogda vsyo poimyosh" by JONY, the narrator expresses his hope that his love interest will eventually understand his feelings for her, despite the fact that others have told him she will not come. He reflects on the time they spent together, and how his hope for her return is like a day of a stork, as he reaches for the phone in anticipation. He also expresses his desire to take her away and fly together, but acknowledges that it may be too late when she finally understands.
6. Комета (Kometa) (Comet)
Всё без тебя не так
Лечу к тебе я словно комета
И даже под дулом пистолета
Я найду тебя, я найду тебя
Everything without you is wrong
I fly to you like a comet
And even at gunpoint
I'll find you, I'll find you
In JONY's song "Kometa", the singer expresses his longing for a lost love and his determination to find them again, even if it means facing danger. He compares himself to a comet, flying through a stormy sky and a raging blizzard, and promises that he will find his beloved no matter what.
7. Как любовь твою понять? (Kak lyubov tvoyu ponyat?) (How can you understand your love?)
Как любовь твою понять
Я стараюсь доверять
Но ты сжигаешь всё во мне
Я везде ищу твой взгляд
How to understand your love
I try to trust
But you burn everything in me
I look for your gaze everywhere
In JONY's song "Kak lyubov tvoyu ponyat?", the artist reflects on the complexity of love and how it can cause pain even when it is desired. He expresses his longing for a connection with someone, but acknowledges that it is difficult to understand their love and that it can be painful. He also recognizes that love can be fleeting, but still hopes to find it again.
8. Вечера (Vechera) (Evenings)
Rauf & Faik
Я помню те вечера
Мы жили в хрущевке вдвоём
Тебе надоели мои слова
Моя жизнь мне теперь нипочём
I remember those evenings
We lived in a studio together
You're tired of my words
My life is now to me nothing
Rauf & Faik's song "Vechera" is a nostalgic reflection on a past relationship. The lyrics describe a couple living in a cramped apartment, where the electricity has been shut off and everyone has forgotten about them. The singer remembers the evenings they spent together, but now his life is meaningless without her. He lights the last candles, and their love fades away.
9. Если тебе будет грустно (Yesli tebe budet grustno) (If you will be sad)
Rauf & Faik, NILETTO
Вот, мы встречались с тобою полгода
И бывала в душе непогода
Но мы встретим тот ясный день
Я так счастлив, я снова влюбился
So, we dated for half a year
And there was bad weather in my soul
But we'll meet that clear day
I'm so happy, I fell in love again
Rauf & Faik's song Если тебе будет грустно (Yesli tebe budet grustno: If you will be sad) is a song about the singer's previous relationship. The lyrics tell the story of how they were together for a year and a half, and how they have experienced both good and bad times. The singer expresses that he loved his partner, even if it ended badly. He encourages her to come to the place where they used to watch the sunset together if she ever feels lonely or sad. He promises that all her wishes will come true if she comes to him, and that he will always be there for her, no matter who comes after.
10. Я тебя люблю (Ya tebya lyublyu) (I Love You)
Rauf & Faik
Ты же хотела узнать
Что будет завтра, но
И сложно же предугадать
Кто будет срываться вновь
You wanted to know
What will be tomorrow, but
And it's difficult to predict
Who will break again
Rauf & Faik's song "Я тебя люблю" (Ya tebya lyublyu) is a heartfelt expression of love and longing. The lyrics tell the story of a person who has lost the one they love and is uncertain if they will ever be reunited. Despite the pain of separation, the singer expresses his undying love and commitment to the one he has lost, declaring that he belongs to her forever.
Мы можем стать с тобой сумасшедшими
И нас разместят с тобой в разных палатах
А может мы с тобой, как два гения
Как будто два нобель лауреата
We can become crazy with you
And they'll put us with you in different wards
Or maybe we're with you, like two geniuses
Like two Nobel laureates
The song describes the potential adventures and experiences that the singer and their partner could have together. They could become insane and be placed in different rooms, or like geniuses or Nobel Prize winners. They could also become oceans and be separated by continents, or become eternal drunks, or angels above the clouds. They could make an Oscar-winning movie, or get wet in the sea and be rescued by steamboats. The singer also mentions that they could experience everything in the world together and someday die together. They repeat the phrase "we together" multiple times throughout the song.
12. Лали (Lali) (Lali)
Вернись ко мне ты моя Лали Лали
Неземная Лали Лали
Мы же с тобою вместе летали
Сутками, ночами пропадали
Come back to me, you're my Lali, Lali
Heavenly Lali, Lali
We flew together with you
For days and nights we disappeared
The song "Лали (Lali)" by JONY is about a person who regrets losing their love and wants them to return. The lyrics describe the strong connection between the two and the good times they shared. The person realizes that they didn't appreciate their partner's love enough and now they feel lost without them. They want to apologize and make things right, but they fear it might be too late. The title of the song "Lali" is used as a term of endearment for the person's love.
Серебро (Serebro)
Наши тени скрывались под лампой
Чтобы эту любовь не увидел никто
Я попробую в такт на пуантах
Сердце плачет со мной, это скроет пальто
Our shadows hid under the lamp
So that nobody would see this love
I'll try the beat on pointe shoes
My heart is crying with me, this coat will hide it
"YA TEBYA NE OTDAM" by Серебро is a song about the strength of love and commitment. The lyrics describe a couple who are trying to keep their love hidden from the world, and the singer expresses her determination to never give up on the relationship, no matter what. The chorus repeats the phrase "YA TEBYA NE OTDAM" ("I will never give you up") to emphasize the singer's unwavering devotion.
14. Я Сошла С Ума (Ya Soshla S Uma) (I Went Crazy)
Я сошла с ума, я сошла с ума
Мне нужна она, мне нужна она
Я сошла с ума, я сошла с ума
Мне нужна она, мне нужна она
I went crazy, I went crazy
I need her, I need her
I went crazy, I went crazy
I need her, I need her
"Ya soshla s uma" by t.A.T.u. is a song about two girls who fell in love, in a society where they are seen as 'crazy' for not being part of the heterosexual norm. They are desperately in love and feel like they have gone mad because of it. The lyrics describe their feelings of desperation and confusion, and how they are trying to cope with the situation. The chorus repeats the phrase "Ya soshla s uma" (I have gone mad) to emphasize the intensity of their emotions.
1. Я с тобой (Ya s toboi) (I'm with you)
Звери (Zveri)
Мир такой красивый и такой замечательный
Я сижу напротив, как же ты привлекательна
Ты в моих глазах и мир тихонько сужается
Утро, солнце, кофе и сейчас всё решается
The world is so beautiful and so wonderful
I'm sitting opposite to you, how attractive you are
You're in my eyes and the world is slowly narrowing
Morning, sun, coffee and now everything is decided
"Я с тобой" (Ya s toboi | I am with you) by Звери (Zveri) tells the story of the moment when two people meet who are attracted to each other. The singer asks the girl to say "yes", and then everything around them won't be important anymore. He expresses that everything is only for her. If she says "yes", he will be happy.
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