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Danny Ocean
LF Content Team | Updated on 02 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Danny Ocean's music is a great way to learn! It is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 2 song recommendations by Danny Ocean to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Danny Ocean!
Daniel Alejandro Morales Reyes (Caracas, Venezuela, May 5, 1992), known by his stage name Danny Ocean, is a Venezuelan singer, songwriter, producer and graphic designer, of Latin music, reggaeton, and dancehall. Ocean began his career in 2016, when he released his debut single, "Me Rehúso," which quickly became a hit in Latin America and the United States. Since then, he has released several more singles, including "Dembow," "Vuelve," and "Epa Wei" all of which have been streamed millions of times. His music is a mix of Latin pop, reggaeton, and R&B, and his lyrics often focus on themes of love, heartbreak, and self-empowerment.
1 Vuelve (Come Back)
2 Me Rehúso (I Refuse)
Vuelve (Come Back)
No sabes cuántas veces pensé
En decirte todo esto pero nunca encontré
El momento perfecto
Aún te extraño como antes
You don't know how many times I thought
About telling you all this but I never found
The perfect moment
I still miss you like before
In the song Vuelve by Danny Ocean, the singer expresses his longing for a lost love and his desire to have her back in his life. He reflects on the moments they shared and how he misses her, and expresses his feelings of love and longing for her. He pleads for her to come back, as he has no words to explain his feelings and no one else has ever loved her like he does. He expresses his hope that she will come back to him, and he will be able to show her his love with a kiss.
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Me Rehúso (I Refuse)
Dime cómo le explico a mi destino que ya no estas ahí
Dime cómo haré para desprenderme de este frenesí
Esta locura que siento por ti
Con esta química que haces en mí
Tell me how do I explain to my destiny that you're not there anymore
Tell me how will I detach myself from this frenzy
This madness that I feel for you
With this chemistry that you make in me
"Me Rehúso" by Danny Ocean is a song about the difficulty of letting go of a relationship. The lyrics express the singer's struggle to accept that the relationship is over and his desire to keep the flame alive. He refuses to give the other person a final kiss, instead wanting to save it for the next time they are together. He also expresses his hope that they will eventually find their way back to each other, and that they are meant to be together.
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