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and the day of the party arrived and no one
Called me
They had a party and I didn't
they invited me and so good people yes
it is very strange they had a party with
all my friends and I started to think what
happened to me divine hand put me to
to think that it would be that party without me to
dance alone I'm not going to let them
I better change and go there
in the soul of the party the one who puts the
taste the same
what is the equipment and turn on the focus of the
field is the role that I since I no longer
I'm going even if I bring Álvarez, a table and rondón
that everything from here I am not going to work
With what's here, I'm not going to bring
for that round that I am not leaving here
but i'm not liking it
the ocean colony
the owners but expensive because I took the
neighborhood and what is the problem for that
they also bought I ate all the
chicharrón looked at me very ugly and that was not
I liked it with a moment I wanted to leave
the divine light I am going to say is very
early to go to sleep and arriving at
the doors I returned
despite these people the soul of the
party the one that puts the flavor
in the team and turn on the little and bring
More of Simon than me and I'm not leaving here anymore
bring the bar is and rondón that I
I'm not going to finish with what from here
the cloud that all from here I'm not leaving
like johnny rivera and the porteños
I'm here
I'm heading that everything here when I leave
to call
With what happened here, I'm not leaving, bring me
to get out of here
I'm not leaving for the light
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