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LF Content Team | Updated on 23 March 2023
Learning Spanish with Alternative is a great way to learn Spanish! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 6 Alternative song recommendations to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Alternative!
1 Si Me Voy (If I Go) - Cuco
2 Tormenta (Storm) - Gorillaz
3 Deja (Stop) - Bomba Estéreo
4 Amor de Siempre (Forever Love) - Cuco
5 Hasta La Raíz (To The Root) - Natalia Lafourcade
6 Disfruto (I Enjoy) - Carla Morrison
1. Si Me Voy (If I Go)
Cuco, The Marías
Yo te doy lo que quieras
Yo me voy donde quieras
Y si me voy
Quiero que tu amor esté conmigo hoy
I give you what you want
I go where you want
And if I leave
I want your love to be with me today
The song "Si Me Voy" by Cuco is about a person who is willing to give their partner anything they want and go anywhere they want. The song talks about the singer's love for their partner and how they want their love to be with them even if they leave. The lyrics suggest that the singer's destiny is to love their partner and be with them. The song also encourages the listener to enjoy life and not to be sad. The overall message of the song is about love, happiness, and the willingness to do anything for the person you love.
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2. Tormenta (Storm)
Gorillaz, Bad Bunny
Y aprovéchame hoy
Que mañana me voy
Y no sé cuando vuelvo
Si en tus ojos me pierdo
And take advantage of me today
Because tomorrow I'm leaving
And I don't know when I'll be back
If in your eyes I get lost
"Tormenta" by Gorillaz and Bad Bunny is a song about making the most of the present moment and enjoying love while it lasts. The lyrics describe a sense of urgency to take advantage of the time they have together, as they are uncertain about when they will see each other again. The song acknowledges the chaos and uncertainty of life, but the narrator finds solace in the arms of their loved one. Overall, the song is a reflection on the transience of love and the need to appreciate it while it lasts.
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3. Deja (Stop)
Bomba Estéreo
Deja de decir que no puedes más, ya
Como si nadie te oyera
Deja de insistir que no tienes nada
Como si solo estuvieras
Stop saying that you can't do it anymore
As if nobody heard you
Stop insisting that you have nothing
As if you were alone
Bomba Estéreo's song "Deja" encourages listeners to stop living in loneliness and to stop believing that they are nothing. The lyrics urge listeners to take a plunge into the sea and to recognize their own strength and resilience. The song encourages listeners to stop saying that they can't do anything and to stop believing that they are nothing. The song ultimately encourages listeners to recognize their own worth and to take control of their lives.
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4. Amor de Siempre (Forever Love)
Cuando veo esos ojos, ahí es donde quiero vivir
Si me besan esos labios, ahí así quiero morir
Mi canción de amor ahorita, cuando me dices 'te amo'
Quiero ver esa sonrisa, en mi cama al amanecer
When I see those eyes, that's where I want to live
If those lips kiss me, that's how I want to die
My love song now, when you tell me 'I love you'
I want to see that smile, in my bed at dawn
"Amor de Siempre" by Cuco is a song about the joy of finding true love. The lyrics describe the narrator's journey from feeling weighed down by life to finding a partner who brings them joy and contentment. The narrator expresses their desire to be with their partner forever, to see their smile in the morning, and to fill their heart with pure joy. The song is a celebration of the power of love to bring happiness and fulfillment.
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5. Hasta La Raíz (To The Root)
Natalia Lafourcade
Sigo cruzando ríos
Andando selvas
Amando el sol
Cada día sigo sacando espinas
I continue crossing rivers
Walking through jungles
Loving the sun
Every day I continue removing thorns
The song "Hasta La Raíz" by Natalia Lafourcade is about the enduring love and deep connection the singer has with someone who has left an indelible mark on her heart. Despite the passage of time and distance between them, the singer cannot forget this person and they continue to live on in her memories and in her heart "hasta la raíz" (to the root). The lyrics describe how the singer continues to move forward, overcoming obstacles, and keeping her loved one close to her, even when they are apart. The song is a tribute to the power of love and the lasting impact that someone can have on our lives.
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6. Disfruto (I Enjoy)
Carla Morrison
Me complace amarte
Disfruto acariciarte y ponerte a dormir
Es escalofriante tenerte de frente, hacerte sonreír
Daría cualquier cosa por tan primorosa, por estar siempre aquí
It pleases me to love you
I enjoy caressing you and putting you to sleep
It's chilling to have you in front of me, to make you smile
I'd give anything for such exquisiteness, to always be here
The song "Disfruto" by Carla Morrison is about the enjoyment and pleasure that the singer feels from loving and caring for her partner. She expresses her desire to be with her partner forever and grow old together. The lyrics describe the comfort of being close to her partner, making them smile, and putting them to sleep. The singer promises to always be there for her partner and never let them down. The overall message of the song is one of deep love and commitment.
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