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Yahritza Y Su Esencia
LF Content Team | Updated on 15 May 2023
Learning Spanish with Yahritza Y Su Esencia's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 5 song recommendations by Yahritza Y Su Esencia to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Yahritza y Su Esencia are a trio from Washington State's Yakima Valley who specialize in Mexican regional music and ranchera. The band includes three siblings: singer and songwriter Yahritza Martínez, Armando (Mando) Martínez playing the requinto, and Jairo Martínez playing bajoloche (a form of bass). For the week of April 9, 2022, their song "Soy el Único" appeared on the Billboard Global 200. Yahritza wrote the song when she was only fourteen. At the 23rd Annual Latin Grammy Awards in November 2022, Yahritza y Su Esencia were nominated for best new artist.
1 Frágil (Fragile)
2 Inseparables (Inseparable)
3 Nadie Sabe (Nobody Knows)
4 Soy El Unico (I Am The Only One)
5 Dias Nublados (Cloudy Days)
Frágil (Fragile)
Es que no sé la razón
Y metí el corazón
En donde no debía
It's that I don't know the reason
And I put my heart
Where I shouldn't
Frágil by Yahritza Y Su Esencia featuring Grupo Frontera is a song about heartbreak and the pain of being vulnerable in love. The lyrics express regret for giving one's heart to someone who didn't deserve it and the desire to have a heart that is not so easily broken. The song also touches on the idea of wanting to be like the person who caused the pain, but ultimately realizing that it's not possible to change who we are. The music, which combines elements of Latin and Regional Mexican genres, adds to the emotional intensity of the lyrics. Overall, Frágil is a powerful and relatable song about the fragility of the human heart.
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Inseparables (Inseparable)
De las noches que pasamos
Nadie podrá separarnos
Diles que tú a mí me quieres
Y que es difícil sin no verme
From the nights that we spent
Nobody will be able to separate us
Tell them that you love me
And that it's difficult without seeing me
"Inseparables" by Yahritza Y Su Esencia featuring Ivan Cornejo is a song about the unbreakable bond between two people in love. The lyrics express the desire to be together despite any obstacles that may come their way. The song talks about the longing to be with someone and the pain of being apart. The artist sings about the sacrifices they are willing to make to keep the relationship strong, even if it means going against the wishes of their parents. The song is a beautiful tribute to the power of love and the strength of the human spirit. It is a perfect fit for a language learning product that uses music to help users connect with the emotions and culture of the language they are learning.
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Nadie Sabe (Nobody Knows)
Quiero sentir lo que se siente estar a tu lado
Cierro los ojos y nos puedo ver enamorados
Pero es difícil olvidar to' las cosas que han pasado
Cosas que no pueden olvidarse, sigo pensando
I want to feel what it feels like to be by your side
I close my eyes and I can see us in love
But it's hard to forget all the things that have happened
Things that can't be forgotten, I continue thinking
The song "Nadie Sabe" by Yahritza Y Su Esencia is a heartfelt expression of the struggles of love and the desire to forget the past. The lyrics speak of wanting to be with someone, but finding it difficult to forget the things that have happened between them. The singer longs to forget the memories they shared and move on, but at the same time, they cannot deny the love they feel for this person. The song also touches on the idea that no one truly knows the depth of their love, and how others may perceive it as easy to let go. Overall, "Nadie Sabe" is a beautiful and emotional song that captures the complexities of love and the human heart.
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Soy El Unico (I Am The Only One)
Qué triste es amar a otra persona
Que no te sepa valorar
Que tengas que empezar desde cero
Sólo pa' que seas feliz, una vez más
How sad it is to love another person
Who doesn't know how to appreciate you
That you have to start from zero
Just for you to be happy, once again
"Soy El Unico" by Yahritza Y Su Esencia is a song about the pain of loving someone who doesn't appreciate you. The lyrics express the desire to move on from a relationship that has caused nothing but heartache and start anew. The singer acknowledges the time and effort that was wasted on the relationship and wants to forget about it. The chorus emphasizes the idea that the singer is the only one who can treat their partner the way they deserve to be treated. Overall, the song is a powerful message about self-worth and the importance of valuing oneself in a relationship.
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Dias Nublados (Cloudy Days)
Me duele la espalda
De cargar el peso
Y es que tus recuerdos me lastiman, ya no puedo
Me duele la espalda
My back hurts
From carrying the weight
And it's that your memories hurt me, I can't anymore
My back hurts
"Dias Nublados" by Yahritza Y Su Esencia is a song about heartbreak and the pain of carrying the weight of memories from a past relationship. The lyrics describe the physical and emotional pain of the protagonist, who is struggling to move on from a past love. The cloudy day serves as a metaphor for the protagonist's emotional state, as they try to come to terms with the end of their relationship. The song also touches on the idea of endings not always being happy, and the protagonist reflects on the fact that they once believed their love would last forever. Overall, the song is a poignant reflection on the pain of heartbreak and the struggle to move on.
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