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LF Content Team | Updated on 02 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Xtreme's music is a great way to learn! It is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 1 song recommendations by Xtreme to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Xtreme!
Xtreme is an American music duo consisting of members Danny D (born as Danny Mejía on July 23, 1985) and Steve Styles (born as Steven Tejada on November 25, 1985) of Dominican descent. The duo focuses on the Latin genre bachata. Xtreme was formed in 2003 and since then has enjoyed success among Hispanics in the United States.
1 Te Extraño (I Miss You)
Te Extraño (I Miss You)
El tiempo pasa y pasa y yo sigo así
Queriéndote en mis brazos sin poderte tener
Y busco una salida para no verme así
Ay qué lejos de mi lado tu amor está de mí
Time passes and passes and I continue like this
Wanting you in my arms without being able to have you
And I look for an exit to not see myself like this
Oh how far from my side your love is from me
In the song "Te Extraño" by Xtreme, the singer expresses his deep sadness at the loss of his love. Time passes and he still wants her in his arms, but he can't have it. He seeks a way out of feeling this way, but it is difficult knowing that she is no longer with him. He cries knowing that she is no longer with him and tries not to feel this way, but it is difficult. He expresses his pain at knowing that his love is no longer with him and asks why she has to do this to him. He suffers being without her and knowing that she is no longer with him. He expresses his love and desire to be with her, but knows that she is no longer there for him.
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