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Jay Wheeler
LF Content Team | Updated on 02 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Jay Wheeler's music is a great way to learn! It is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 10 song recommendations by Jay Wheeler to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Jay Wheeler!
Jay Wheeler is a Puerto Rican singer, songwriter, and producer from Puerto Rico. At the age of 16, Wheeler separated from his girlfriend, an incident that inspired him to write a new song, "Ahora Estoy Mejor" and record himself singing it. After showing it to a friend, he was encouraged to post it online, where it went viral overnight, generating over 500,000 views and serving as a platform for Wheeler to seriously pursue a career as a musician. At the beginning of Jay's career, he often sang about heartbreak. Now he is best known for his hit singles "La Curiosidad" and "Vete". He has collaborated with some of the biggest names in Latin music, including J Balvin, Ozuna, and Myke Towers. His music is a mix of Latin trap, reggaeton, and pop, and he has been praised for his unique sound and style.
1 Dícelo (Tell Him)
2 Viendo El Techo (Watching The Ceiling)
3 Amor de Febrero (February Love)
4 Me Enamoré (I Fell In Love)
5 Si Quieres Amor (If You Want Love)
6 Dime Que Sí (Tell Me Yes)
7 Diferente (Different)
8 Sin Ti (Remix) (Without You)
9 Sin Ti (Without You)
10 Por Tu Culpa (Because Of You)
Dícelo (Tell Him)
Todavía guardo su espacio en la casa
Y duermo del lado derecho de la cama
No le he contado, pero me siento así
Creí que los aviones no me daban tanto miedo
I still keep her space in the house
And I sleep on the right side of the bed
I haven't told her, but I feel like this
I thought that airplanes didn't scare me so much
Jay Wheeler's song "Dícelo" is a heartfelt plea to a lost love. The lyrics express the singer's longing for the person they once shared a life with, and their inability to move on without them. The singer is asking someone else to tell their former partner how much they still care, and how much they miss them, in the hope that they will come back. The song is a reminder that love can be hard to let go of, and that sometimes it takes someone else to help us move on.
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Viendo El Techo (Watching The Ceiling)
Primero, quiero decirte que te amé cada segundo
Nunca te fallé con decirte esto, mami, ya yo cumplo
Pero terceros que quisieron dañar tu relación conmigo
Y ahora el cuarto se siente frío
First, I want to tell you that I loved you every second
I never failed you, by telling you this, babe, I already fulfill
But third parties wanted to hurt your relationship with me
And now the bedroom feels cold
In "Viendo El Techo" by Jay Wheeler, the artist reflects on a past relationship that has ended due to outside interference. He expresses his love for his former partner and his longing for her, as well as his regret for the way things ended. He also expresses his sadness at the loneliness he feels without her, and his inability to forget her. The song ultimately conveys the pain of a lost love and the difficulty of moving on.
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Amor de Febrero (February Love)
No sé qué sería de mí
Si algún día te pierdo
No me conformaría
Con solo vivir con tu recuerdo
I don't know what would become of me
If some day I lose you
I wouldn't settle
With only living with your memory
In the song Amor de Febrero by Jay Wheeler, the singer expresses his deep love for someone. He cannot imagine his life without her and would not be content with just living with the memory of her. The days are short when he is far from her and his friends tell him he is a fool for wanting to see her soon. Love does not end and he wants to share it with her and live all the dreams they had together. He shouts without fear that she is everything he wants. Her perfume stays on his pillow and he likes to look at her when she is quiet. He believes that with her he is better before the world ends.
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Me Enamoré (I Fell In Love)
Hola, ¿Qué tal? ¿Cómo tú estás?
No quisiera molestarte
Pero tuve que llamarte
Sé que quizás no lo esperabas
Hey, what's up? How are you?
I didn't want to bother you
But I had to call you
I know that maybe you didn't expect it
In the song Me Enamoré by Jay Wheeler, the narrator expresses his feelings of love for someone who is hesitant to trust again due to past experiences. He is unable to control his emotions and is determined to prove his love and commitment to the person, despite the obstacles they may face. The chorus of the song emphasizes the narrator's feelings of love and admiration, and his inability to resist them.
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Si Quieres Amor (If You Want Love)
Hablas de amor como si tú supieras
Lo que yo pasé cuando me enamoré
No podemos confiar en cualquiera
No todo el mundo sabe amar
You talk about love as if you knew
What happened when I fell in love
We can't trust anyone
Not all the world knows how to love
In the song "Si Quieres Amor" by Jay Wheeler, the artist warns listeners about the dangers of trusting anyone and making the wrong decisions. The artist also points out that love is a balance and that the first one to get tired loses. Finally, the artist encourages listeners to know their worth and to continue loving despite the pain they may feel. The main message of the song is that if you want love, you have to understand how to love, love outside of the bedroom, and wake up with the same desire.
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Dime Que Sí (Tell Me Yes)
No quise hablar demás, pero tuve que hacerlo
Lo que tú y yo tenemos no quiero perderlo
Y por más que disimulo, sé que puedes verlo
Desde que llegaste, mi vida cambiaste
I didn't want to talk more, but I had to do it
What you and I have I don't want to lose
And as much as I hide, I know that you can see it
Since you arrived, my life you changed
In the song "Dime Que Sí" by Jay Wheeler, the singer expresses his feelings for someone who has changed his life since they arrived. He feels there is something between them that he does not want to lose, and despite having been together for a short time, he already feels like he wants to be with her forever. He asks her to tell him yes, that they feel the same way he does and that she is willing to trust him.
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Diferente (Different)
No quiere saber
Dice que ningún hombre la sabe entender
Que su tiempo no quiere perder
Que no es la misma de ayer
She doesn't want to know
She says that no man can understand her
That her time she doesn't want to waste
That she's not the same as yesterday
In the song "Diferente" by Jay Wheeler, the artist expresses his desire to prove to a woman that he is different from the other men she has encountered. He acknowledges that she has been hurt in the past and is hesitant to trust again, but he promises that he will not fail her and that he has been in her position before. He pleads with her to give him a chance and to believe that he is different from the rest.
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Sin Ti (Remix) (Without You)
Eso me dice la gente
Por qué no dices todo lo que yo aguanté
Las actitudes que de ti soporté
Contigo no vuelvo otra vez
People tell me that
Why don't you tell everything that I endured
The attitudes that from you I supported
With you I won't come back again
Jay Wheeler's song "Sin Ti (Remix)" is a reflection on the end of a relationship and the newfound freedom and happiness that comes with it. The lyrics tell the story of a person who was mistreated and taken for granted in the relationship, but has now learned to be happy without his former partner. The song speaks to the idea that the person who leaves is the one who is forgotten, and that the promises made in the relationship were just a disguise. The chorus emphasizes the newfound freedom and happiness that comes with being single, and the realization that the former partner was never really necessary.
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Sin Ti (Without You)
No fuiste mala
Pero no fuiste suficiente
Hablando mierda de mí
Eso me dice la gente
You weren't bad
But you weren't enough
Talking shit about me
People tell me that
In the song "Sin Ti" by Jay Wheeler, the artist reflects on a past relationship that ended due to the other person's lack of commitment and malicious behavior. He expresses his relief at being able to move on and be happy without them, and his newfound understanding that love is not always what it seems. He also acknowledges the pain of the other person in seeing him move on, but ultimately celebrates his newfound freedom and happiness.
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Por Tu Culpa (Because Of You)
Desde que te fuiste, te lo juro que ya no confió en nada
Siento que los amores sólo son cuentos de hadas
Y no te voy a negar que por las noches te extrañaba
Y pensando en ti, siempre me despertaba
Since you left, I swear that I don't trust anything anymore
I feel that loves are only fairy tales
And I'm not going to deny that at night I was missing you
And thinking of you, I always was waking up
In the song Por Tu Culpa by Jay Wheeler, the artist reflects on the pain of a past relationship and how it has caused him to lose trust in love. He expresses his feelings of hurt and betrayal, and how he has learned to cope with the pain by becoming emotionally distant and not allowing himself to be vulnerable. He acknowledges that he is better off without her, but still feels the pain of her absence. The chorus of the song emphasizes the idea that she is to blame for his lack of trust in love, and that he no longer believes in it or allows himself to be fooled by it.
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