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Chris Lebron
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Chris Lebron's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 4 song recommendations by Chris Lebron to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Christopher David Lebrón Ferrer, known in the musical world as Chris Lebron, is a Dominican singer, musician and composer. Born in Santo Domingo, Chris has a strong artistic talent, which led him to a career in photography, from which he then switched to music. Chris Lebron began by posting his songs on Instagram, a social network where he gained many of his followers. His musical talent impressed the renowned Puerto Rican-American Reggaeton singer Arcangel. Following a meeting with Arcangel, he received an invitation to join the Flow Factory record label. He developed a unique style of music, a romantic Reggaeton style with clean lyrics, which continues gaining him loyal fans.
1 Mesero (Waiter)
2 Desde Mis Ojos (From My Eyes)
3 La Jaula Perfecta (The Perfect Cage)
4 Desde Mis Ojos (Remix) (From My Eyes)
Mesero (Waiter)
Mesero dígame
¿Por qué en el menú no están sus besos?
Hágame entender, ¿por qué?
Si he venido aquí sólo por eso
Waiter tell me
Why aren't her kisses on the menu?
Make me understand, why?
If I've come here only for that
The song "Mesero" by Chris Lebron is about a man who is desperately seeking the affection and love of a woman. He asks the waiter why he can't find the woman's kisses on the menu and pleads with him to bring him a bottle of her kisses. The man is unable to forget the woman and her physical attributes and asks the waiter if he has ever been in love. The song portrays the man's obsession with the woman and his desire to have her back in his life.
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Desde Mis Ojos (From My Eyes)
Si te vieras desde mis ojos, sabrías por qué insisto tanto
No me importa Instagram, quiero saber de ti cuando me levanto
Cada vez que pasa un segundo, y no estás, me ahogo en el llanto
Ven, bríndame socorro, ma, y líbrame de este quebranto
If you saw yourself through my eyes, you'd know why I insist so much
I don't care about Instagram, I want to know about you when I wake up
Every time that a second passes, and you're not here, I drown in crying
Come, give me help, babe, and free me from this pain
The song "Desde Mis Ojos" by Chris Lebron is about missing someone deeply and wanting them back. The lyrics express the singer's desperation and sadness, as he begs for the person he loves to return and "give back his spirit." The singer reminisces about the happy moments they shared, and how their love made him feel alive. He longs to hear from them and see them again, and is struggling to cope with the pain of their absence. The song is an emotional plea for the person he loves to come back and help him overcome his heartbreak.
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La Jaula Perfecta (The Perfect Cage)
Y supe que
Entre tú y yo todo era diferente
Porque hay muchos seduciendo tú piel
Pero yo tu mente
And I knew that
Between you and me everything was different
Because there are many seducing your skin
But I your mind
The song "La Jaula Perfecta" by Chris Lebron is about his strong connection with his lover, who he sees as the perfect partner for him. Despite the attention she receives from others, Chris only wants to be with his lover and is not interested in fame or material things if she doesn't reciprocate his feelings. The lyrics suggest that her love is all he needs, and they are happy being together even if others don't approve. The song is an ode to a true, deep, and meaningful love that transcends material things and external pressures.
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Desde Mis Ojos (Remix) (From My Eyes)
This is the remix
Mi amor es tan grande, nadie saca la medida
Te busqué en google y salió que eras mía
Los besos que te mando, baby, no los atrapa ni la policía
This is the remix
My love is so great, nobody can measure it
I searched for you on Google and it said you were mine
The kisses that I send you, baby, even the police can't catch them
The song "Desde Mis Ojos (Remix)" by Chris Lebron is a song about the singer's deep love for someone who he believes is meant to be with him. The lyrics express his feelings of desperation and longing for her, and his belief that they belong together despite any obstacles that may stand in their way. He reminisces about their past together and wonders when they will be reunited, hoping that she will understand his feelings if she could see the world through his eyes. The song is a plea for her to return to him and restore his spirit.
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