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Chris Lebron
Advanced | Reggaeton | Dominican Republic
The song "Desde Mis Ojos" by Chris Lebron is about missing someone deeply and wanting them back. The lyrics express the singer's desperation and sadness, as he begs for the person he loves to return and "give back his spirit." The singer reminisces about the happy moments they shared, and how their love made him feel alive. He longs to hear from them and see them again, and is struggling to cope with the pain of their absence. The song is an emotional plea for the person he loves to come back and help him overcome his heartbreak.
Christopher David Lebrón Ferrer, known in the musical world as Chris Lebron, is a Dominican singer, musician and composer. Born in Santo Domingo, Chris has a strong artistic talent, which led him to a career in photography, from which he then switched to music. Chris Lebron began by posting his songs on Instagram, a social network where he gained many of his followers. His musical talent impressed the renowned Puerto Rican-American Reggaeton singer Arcangel. Following a meeting with Arcangel, he received an invitation to join the Flow Factory record label. He developed a unique style of music, a romantic Reggaeton style with clean lyrics, which continues gaining him loyal fans.