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Brand new new mix
Nothing to add
Zero bis verse
Sid vinicious, 2005 for kill phil
In parliament more whores than at the time under milvio bridge
other than kill bill this is kill silvio
Like after a sharp katana shot with a certain outcome
With the skull exactly like the study: open
Arrows with poisoned or infected tips
One for each of your jokes
Then for all your millions
A large vaffanculo written on him with hematomas ink
Fractured bones karate shots
For all the bullshit loaded and then fired
On a crowd that manipulates through your broadcasters
And for this bonus of nunchaku over the teeth
All your obedient servants
Remote control with voodoo as living dead
On you the kung-fu with the worst intentions to crack
In the ass to baget cocoon felts and borghezio
Because you're never satied you want too much and you persist
And you think you can buy our destinies
To you and your mastiffs armed with propaganda
First a nice smile then a bite of black mamba
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