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LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Folk Pop is a great way to learn Spanish! Learning with music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. So music and song lyrics are a great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 8 Folk Pop song recommendations to get you started learning Spanish! We have full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs recommended below, so check out all of our resources. We hope you enjoy learning Spanish with Folk Pop!
1 Al Aire (In The Air) - Morat
2 Cuando Nadie Ve (When Nobody Sees) - Morat
3 Besos En Guerra (Kisses At War) - Morat
4 Amor Con Hielo (Love With Ice) - Morat
5 No Se Va (It Doesn't Go) - Morat
6 Enamórate De Alguien Más (Fall In Love With Someone Else) - Morat
7 Presiento (I Sense) - Morat
8 De Cero (From Zero) - Morat
1. Al Aire (In The Air)
No llamé para pedir una canción
Pero para hablarle no tengo otra opción
Porque llamo y probablemente está escuchando
Yo de frente no me atrevo ni a empezar esta conversación
I didn't call to ask for a song
But to talk to her I don't have another option
Because I call and probably she's listening
I face-to-face don't even dare to start this conversation
In the song Al Aire by Morat, the narrator expresses his love for a woman he met but never saw again. He hopes that she will hear his song on the radio and remember him, and that his love will reach her through the airwaves. He wishes that she will know that he fell in love with her, and that she will hear his "kisses in the air" before the song ends or she changes the station.
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2. Cuando Nadie Ve (When Nobody Sees)
Soñé un verano que se hiciera eterno
Desde el momento en que vi tu mirada
Me derretiste con esa mirada
Pero el verano se volvió un invierno
I dreamed of a summer that would become eternal
From the moment that I saw your gaze
You melted me with that look
But summer turned into winter
Morat's song "Cuando Nadie Ve" is a reflection on the difficulty of loving someone in secret. The lyrics tell the story of a summer romance that quickly turns to winter when the protagonist sees the object of their affection in the arms of another. Despite the pain, they understand their role and choose to keep their love hidden, pretending to be friends when others are around. In the end, they declare that they will give their entire life to the other when no one is watching.
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3. Besos En Guerra (Kisses At War)
Morat, Juanes
¿Quién te dijo esa mentira?
Que eras fácil de olvidar
No hagas caso a tus amigos
Solo son testigos de la otra mitad
Who told you that lie?
That you're easy to forget
Don't listen to your friends
They are only witnesses of the other half
Besos En Guerra by Morat is a song about the power of love and the pain of heartbreak. The lyrics tell the story of a person who is struggling to accept that their love is not reciprocated, despite warnings from their friends. The song speaks to the idea that love can be both a blessing and a curse, and that even though it can be painful, it is worth fighting for. The chorus emphasizes the idea that even though the person knows that their love will cause them pain, they will still fight for it, and ultimately, they will die of love.
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4. Amor Con Hielo (Love With Ice)
Tú sigues siendo la prueba
De que hay victorias que se pagan con dolor
Que en el amor y en la guerra, todo vale
Saltaste tú de primera
You continue being the proof
That there are victories that are paid with pain
That in love and war, anything goes
You jumped suddenly
Amor Con Hielo by Morat is a song about the pain of a broken relationship and the realization that the one who strikes first is not always the one who wins. The lyrics tell the story of a person who has moved on from a past love, but still remembers the pain of the breakup. They reflect on the idea that love and war are similar in that they both involve pain and sacrifice. The song also speaks to the idea that trying to save a relationship with "ice" or distance can be futile, as the love will eventually die.
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5. No Se Va (It Doesn't Go)
Tan fácil que es enamorarme
Y tan difícil olvidarte
Porque la vida me juraste
Y hoy te busco y tú no estás
It's so easy to fall in love
And so hard to forget you
Because you promised me life
And today I look for you and you're not here
No Se Va by Morat is a song about the difficulty of forgetting a past love. The lyrics express the singer's struggle to move on, despite the pain of seeing the other person's photo and not being able to talk to them. The chorus emphasizes the idea that the memory of the past love will not go away, and the singer pleads for them to stay one more time, for the night, after twelve o'clock, and even for life. The singer's heart will not forget a love like this, and it will not go away.
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6. Enamórate De Alguien Más (Fall In Love With Someone Else)
Para variar, por fin hoy pienso en mí
Aunque quiera tenerte
Pero no soy tan fuerte para superarte
Por qué me aferró a que no fue un final
To vary, I finally today think about myself
Even if I want to have you
But I'm not so strong to overcome you
Why did I cling to that it wasn't an end
"Enamórate De Alguien Más" by Morat is a song about the difficult process of getting over a relationship. The narrator realizes that although he wants his ex back, he is not strong enough to get over it. He knows that life is not easy, but he cannot give up on his ex. Therefore, he asks his ex to fall in love with someone else so that he can get over it. The narrator also realizes that the hardest thing is to fight against the unforgettable, but he hopes that with time he can fall in love again.
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7. Presiento (I Sense)
Morat, Aitana
Sé que el instinto me intentó avisar
Que conocerte tal vez no era lo mejor
Que eres experta para enamorar
Y no te importa cuantos caigan por error
I know my instinct tried to warn me
That meeting you maybe wasn't the best
That you're an expert in making others fall in love
And you don't care how many fall by mistake
In the song Presiento by Morat, the narrator is aware of the warning signs that this person is not good for him, but he is still drawn to them. He knows that they are an expert at breaking hearts and never have anything to lose, but he is willing to overlook his intuition and take the risk of getting hurt for the chance to be with them. Despite knowing that it is a mistake, he can't help but be drawn to them and is willing to ignore his intuition to be with them.
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8. De Cero (From Zero)
Tú no querías creer que nos hacíamos daño
Yo no quería pensar que te podría perder
Hoy duele pretender que somos dos extraños
Y solo está bien visto hablarte en tu cumpleaños
You didn't want to believe that we hurt each other
I didn't want to think that I could lose you
Today it hurts to pretend that we're two strangers
And only it's okay to talk to you on your birthday
De Cero by Morat is a song about the hope of rekindling a relationship that has gone through difficult times. The lyrics express the idea that if the two people can find their way back to each other, they won't have to start from scratch, as they already know each other so well. The singer acknowledges that it may be hard to forget the past, but if they can find a way to make it work, they won't have to start from zero.
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