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Loco Escrito
LF Content Team | Updated on 2 February 2023
Learning Spanish with Loco Escrito's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 1 song recommendations by Loco Escrito to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Loco Escrito is the stage name of Nicolas Herzig, a Swiss-Colombian musician whose work ranges from tough Spanish-language hip-hop to smooth, romantic reggaeton-pop. The Swiss man with Colombian roots was born in Medellin and grew up in Zurich. With his third studio album "Estoy bien", he made it to number one in the Swiss album charts for the first time in 2020. Loco Escrito is the first artist to win three Swiss Music Awards in a row with "Adios" (2019), "Punto" (2020) and "Amame" (2021) in the category "Best Hit". He also has one won a Swiss Music Award as "Best Male Act" (2021).
1 Ámame (Love Me)
Ámame (Love Me)
Me quieren miles, pero yo te quiero a ti
Ven conmigo, mi amor
Calm down
Thousands want me, but I want you
Love me
Come with me my love
In the song Ámame by Loco Escrito, the singer expresses his deep love for a special someone, despite the fact that many people are interested in them. He is willing to do anything for them, and when they are together, nothing else matters. He is willing to give his life for them, and their presence has changed his world. He is sure that no one else can make him feel the same way, and he dedicates this song to them.
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