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LF Content Team | Updated on 29 April 2023
Learning Spanish with 6ix9ine's music is fun, engaging, and includes a cultural aspect that is often missing from other language learning methods. It is also great way to supplement your learning and stay motivated to keep learning Spanish!
Below are 1 song recommendations by 6ix9ine to get you started! Alongside each recommendation, you will find a snippet of the lyric translations with links to the full lyric translations and lessons for each of the songs!
Daniel Hernandez (born May 8, 1996), known professionally as 6ix9ine (stylized 6IX9INE and pronounced "six nine") and also as Tekashi69, is an American rapper. His music has been marked by an aggressive style of rapping, while his controversial public persona is characterized by his distinctive rainbow-colored hair, extensive tattoos, legal issues, and publicized celebrity feuds. Daniel Hernandez often gets involved in philanthropy, handing $100 bills to residents in the Dominican Republic while shooting a music video there, doing the same thing in Chicago's South Side, and donating to various youth programs in New York and cancer research.
1 Y Ahora (And Now)
Y Ahora (And Now)
Hoy desperté recordándome
De tus cariñitos, de to's los besitos
Me siento solo y vacío
Nada sigue igual porque tú no estás
Today I got up remembering
Your affections, all the kisses
I feel lonely and empty
Nothing's the same because you're not here
The song "Y Ahora" by 6ix9ine is about missing a past lover and feeling lonely without them. The lyrics express the artist's regret for not being able to let go of the relationship, despite being hurt by their partner's actions. The artist also expresses a desire for their former partner to return to their life, but acknowledges the need to protect their heart. The song features a collaboration with Grupo Firme and includes a shoutout to Mexico.
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