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Aaah a mi me dicen yo soy w punto l
Aaah to me tell me I'm w dot l
Me la van a dar a terror a o te la quito te dije
They're going to give it to me to terror or I took it off I told you
Yo estoy cocinando un rap que da mas nota el crack
I'm cooking a rap that gives more notice to crack
Mas duro que la pedra que le metieron a goliat
Harder than the stony they put in goliath
El que me escucha rapia dice como tu no ahí mas
The one who listens to me rapia says like you don't there anymore
Tu eres un demonio que viene del mas allá
You're a demon that comes from beyond
A mi me quieren clona la vuelta es que mi flow
They want me to clone the lap is that my flow
Nadie lo puede copiar de la nasa me mandaron a estudiar
No one can copy it from nasa sent me to study
Hasta los extraterrestre me quieren etradicta
Even aliens want me etradicted
Dicen que yo poseo demacia' capacidad
They say I have too many capacity
Mucho saben que la tengo no me la quieren da'
A lot they know I have it they don't want it from me'
Lo que son es demagogo se la tube que quita'
What they are is demagogue is the tube it removes'
Raperos estan en para a mi me quieren blokia
Rappers are in for me they want me blokia
Pero yo voy explota como una encededora
But I'm going to explode like a snander
Metía en un tanque de gas solo dios puede evita'
Tucked into a gas tank only god can avoid'
Que yo me pueda cola' van a morir soñando ya
That I can tail' are going to die dreaming already
Deja que mangue mi brecha
Let me handle my gap
A to'el que no confío
To'el I don't trust
Solo le queda mamá ya se le murió papa
All she's got left is Mom, Dad's dead
Ustedes son manilo yo gallo de calidad lo mató de una bola
You guys are mane I quality rooster killed him from a ball
Son 500 del peaje ahora me tienen que pagar
It's 500 of the toll now they have to pay me
Por que ahora es mio el rap y la ovando es de nicolás
Because now it's my rap and the ovando is from nicholas
Hace rato lo mate y no empezao ni a calenta'
I killed him a while ago and it didn't even start to heat up'
Fumandome un habano en la habana empeze a rapia
Smoking a cigar in Havana started rapia
Y na'ma decían el pipo pero que duró el tipo
And na'ma said the pee but it lasted the guy
Hasta fidel castro dijo acere que bola
Even fidel castro said acere that ball
Con esto se nace esto no casualidad
This is born not by chance
Que tu te me va a planta que me va a da' pata y trompa
That you're going to plant me that's going to kick and horn me
Como que tu eres tony jaa y yo con una tabla
Like you're tony jaa and I'm with a board
Ratrilla loco que tu baje pa'ca que te la voy a deja pisa
Crazy ratrilla that you come down pa'ca I'm going to let you step on
Mucho mejor pal perro si la perra es bola'
Much better pal dog if the bitch is ball'
Rapeo mejor que tu sin yo tener que fuma'
Rape better than you without me having to smoke'
Nadie me puede ganas leyenda como two pac
No one can beat me legend like two pac
Es con alambre de púa que me tienen que amarrar
It's with barbed wire that I have to be tied
Por que si empiezo a rrapia le hago el amor a la pista
Because if I start rrapia I make love to the track
La tengo despatilla dándole sin comdon
I've got her off the wheel, giving her no comdon
Pa'que quede preña adentro se la voy hecha
Pa'que'que's pregnant inside I'm going to make it
Los deje votao por san pedro mas pa'lla
I left them voted for san pedro mas pa'lla
Ya no me pueden llega' es alante
They can't get to me anymore' it's all
Como el guebo que mi piquete esta
Like the guebo that my picket is
Y ustedes como el culo que siempre están atra
And you as the ass that are always attracted
Mucho me subestiman con migo no quisien graba
A lot they underestimate me with me they don't want to record
Yo ante cantaba de gratis aunque no me dieran nada
I used to sing for free even if they didn't give me anything
Ahora para verme canta ahí que hablarme de pal de k
Now to see me sing there you talk to me about pal de k
Después que empeze a rapia me sobran culo pa'singar
After I start raping, I've got enough ass pa'singar
Me estoy follamdo a tu hermana la vecina y pamela
I'm your sister the neighbor and pamela
Pero tu mujer esa si es mala de verdad
But your wife that's really bad
Me llama de madruga dice que tu no le hace nada
He calls me from the early riser says you don't do anything to him
Que te duerme echándole una cacharra
That he sleeps you by throwing a scumbag at him
Va a queda' decocota de tanto luco que me da
It's going to be decocte of so much luco that it gives me
Cuando tu sale a trabajar yo voy y le freno allá
When you go out to work I go and stop him there
Me dice que le duro que la deje degrana
He tells me it's hard for him to leave her degreasing
Me dice papi quiero leche dame de tu parmala
Daddy tells me I want milk give me your parmala
Mejor carmala te la tengo frustra
I'd better carmala, I've got it frustrated you
Ella te chapea' y to me lo da demasiado
She splashes you' and gives it to me too much
Psicópata lo del clan la gente que tengo atra
Psychopath about the clan, the people I have attracted
A mi me dicen w yo soy
They call me w I am
W punto l
W dot l
Apodao el lighter por que yo soy el que la prendo
Apodao the lighter because I'm the one who pushes it
Yeri produciendo jhon hairo el del piquete
Yeri producing jhon hairo the one with the picket
Negro lirical tu ere mio dpa que lo que él negro flow en la casa
Black lyrical your ere mio dpa that what he black flow in the house
Baje más puesto que uno tenis es bobo que treje
Go down more since you're a tennis player who climbs
Viste y si no viste ahí que ponerte uno lentes
You saw and if you didn't see there you put on one glasses
Los del clan trubel 1010 jay frank la cara del drill
Those of the trubel clan 1010 jay frank the face of the drill