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She was a showgirl, I don't want a
parking that does not generate that I do not walk with the
pear scoring pear in the portfolio
take photos on the inta showing the
neckline for schools soles that
farandulera alena I don't want a parking lot
who does not generate that not before with the penalty
but collector in the portfolio is removed
photos put lists looking for the pp for
Outside we don't like to rap Swedish for
that we pass the relative as the cost
so that I know that it is dry that
You are not me either, I laugh badly at this or
giving more you have pp to sell it to
chorus rhythms both forward up
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when I get your earrings they are
believing ultras gold in the 1 up
when the smell dropped a murmur
They look serious, it has to happen
cold hunger the problems are solved band
what I'm not involved in having
this still does not want the maintained
the times mine without hanging from a
grateful blessing because no one
asked when he was young and much
offers and neither does energy classes because
I deserved it I thanked him like him
cost because he is Italian Gallic so he is not
that if you don't know why I'm going to show off
the magical expertise marching fronts of
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john obuh yes but if they get the most
It's worth it and I sing for the patios of
the street and what is private between
sales again in the corner now more
It works for me on my list, you already left me
time I want you to see me and I'm going to
arriving with mine was like this because
tell the racing in the farandulera to
It was I don't want a parking lot that doesn't generate
that you do not walk with the pear for collectors
in the wallet if you're field this for him
inta betting the neckline out
outside and the showgirl gives him I don't want to
a parking lot that does not generate that I do not walk with
the candles but the collector in the wallet
who takes pictures for slim is spending the
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matter for out strong I do not bring the
forty-something that is going to make me diego a
reach out like maradona
one of these rappers julián y me
pressured to raise the year what to the
Purest of the north sails to Punta
arenas do not have the entire cabin banned
of serena the cold past and the pain step
but I know that all the pale that one day
kills but only magic front for that
they are pressing do not tell me and I know that
I'm losing it and for and for mine
tucked in they did not meet the minors
what were you looking for
is listening to me in the neighborhoods
marginals walking with illegal cigar is
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important that one point me out because if
we will not compose them with the metals
I got together with the pai list I remove the
little dogs wagging their tails we did
money because it is needed we come
from the street I did this for my mom
tell me who would say coria marquitos that
they were bursting fried manias and now
we are in the cabin every day for
doing is changing the farandulera lera
does not want a parking lot that does not generate
do not walk with the penalty, wait for the collector
in the portfolio you take pictures for slim
is betting the neckline out
out and farandulera gives him I don't want a
parking that does not come that does not walk by the
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collector in the portfolio that takes photos
for the inta looking for the boat to go outside
We are generating money and not like Tony
Montana with the music being silver
heals many bonuses that did not give it
now they want to eat tomorrow working
quietly to practice this week no
we look for fame we look for the wool so that
do not lack anything for the drop by de
saturn with tunisian chi more in the than pure
minor cold along with everything with
sell my partner fell they control it at
gerete because it tells me that the area happens to me
per house measure
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so they know is
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