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Don't cry my love, everything will get better
Don't be so upset if something went wrong.
Let's ask mother nature for protection
For the glow of love
May our life arrive (life arrive)
And that the force of peace, luminous astral
Always be close to us
For the torment the strong wind takes
From the universe comes our strength
And we're not together for nothing
Bring the good weed that is for us to fly
And throw a smile in the air
Make the whole night shine
And throw the sadness in the air
I say
Do not Cry my love
That the moon shone in the dark sky
May the sound soothe your tired body
And our dream never dies (never)
In war or peace
Here remains an endless hope
Here remains a warrior of peace
And the hot tear on a cold night
holy freedom
Do not Cry my love
It's so much water in your eye
Stars and moons, the sea, fishermen and Iemanja
When the earth became the ground of life
And the forest dwelling of the sacred
ocean of frozen fire
A piece of moon a piece of light
In the black night the messages of the sun
The origins of longing
Outside many men want to hide
The real strength I can have
Depriving my mind of evolving
This makes it easier for me to distract myself
Rap is the voice, samba is the emotion
Rock energy reggae elevation
And they all came from the same place
Africa, Africa
That's where that fruit color came from
And here in Brazil, the others mixed
From the sky the green the sea then you were born
I try but I confess I can't hide
I want to bathe in the waters of this sea
To strengthen myself I will perfume myself
With your beautiful smell and your love
Girl woman, beauty of life
Girl woman, believe in life
Never give up, believe in life
Don't cry my love, everything will get better
Don't cry my love, everything will get better
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Natiruts is a Brazilian reggae band formed in Brasília in 1996. The band's music is a mix of reggae, with elements of rock, funk, dancehall and Brazilian rhythms. Their lyrics often focus on themes of love, peace, and social justice. Natiruts is one of the most popular reggae bands in Brazil, and their music continues to inspire and bring joy to their fans around the world.
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