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(Ah, now yes, bro) It's going back
Eh (Bilardo is on the beat, oh)
I'm walking in the halls', I keep myself simple
Real before jet in quotes'
The one who underestimated ran to the shore
They were already more than burned' and we turned the tortilla around
I don't get hooked on the gilada that the 'gile' persecutes me
I don't like the mask, that' does not fit with the kids'
I don't ranch with a model, I'm with the guacha from the neighborhood
I don't want to become a cheetah, I want to become a millionaire
Let's see, let's go straight to the data, let's see, how do I explain?
Cats are always cat' and dogs are the note
Here you do what you can but we are always in command
If your neighborhood doesn't like you, what mafia are you talking about?
And well, what are we going to do?
One came to lead, and another came to obey.
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I'm always flying, dude, I never landed
A lot' they want to end me but they don't know that I didn't even start
I calm, you nervous, dangerous novel
I'm on my business, stealthy and cautious
That they do not get jealous if they come with the piola'
Please, don't compare me, I'm not like those lora'
This' pigeon' did not come out of the shell
I already took off the mask, go ahead, tell your dad
That the great great has arrived here, that they are all 'puppets'
And that no one comes down here where the real ones are
Ñeri' of the clicka
420 for the blacks, rumbling in the horn
The adrenaline rises, gata turra and gata fina
Drinking wine in the corner, you can't even imagine it
Wait' for me to slip but I never skated
Look how I eat you, like Dibu Martínez
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I am a double-edged sword, I nail you five in a row
Don't come to me to talk about style, I have them as a pupil
My friends are ninja, but not samurai
Gaucho de la lleca, compa, pure sapucay
When I'm in Spain they say I'm cool
I always carry a pipe and sometimes it's not Nike's
So know it, dude, it's the one there is
Don't be scared, we're light
I walk quietly smoking a bonsai
Without fantasizing, for that I leave it to you
To the salami that is made the jet and is set sail in button
Do not make me 'the tumbero if I did not leave' the mailbox
Don't make a sign with the toys that later your mom cries
Am I really 27? That embarrasses me
You need to learn a lot to 'represent' the' guacho'
A true short trout never speaks ill of his neighborhood
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He named me the former president, and even if it was unnecessary
I show my respect and respect is lacking to various'
That is not '90s flow, pure invention of one who dreams of being a gangster
A lack of respect for the thugs' really'
Loosen up the GTA and leave science fiction
If you left Argentina and 'for not supporting the pressure
You are not an artist, you are a joke, for the compe it does not give you the stamina
Envy shrinks you and humility makes me giant
As a guachín I'm going forward, alone and without a name to my people
I deserve everything I have, they say for being good people
Eh, you are the boss 'and the' ghost' and the cat of the' errands
I'm the one who paid for the protein, to the bums'
To the cap and to the lawyer who was looking for you
Outside you play the gangster and inside I lived crying
And the clown shows you from here two hundred' meter'
You wanted to threaten me with the photo of my registration
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Saying that you have a meter or you ate the half meter
Excuse me, I did not understand you, it happens that you speak like a concheto
In DALE PLAY they already know me, they know I'm cool, lazy
Different from you and your manager with a borrowed beret
At this' height' I am thinking that the two' are emigrated'
For telling the story of The Godfather when they have them as a godson'
huh hehe
without fear of success
Cut, huh?
Cumbia 420 for the blacks (ah, now yes, bro)
L-Ghent, what is what?
Maxi The Brother, pa', pa'
L-Ghent, dog, what is what? (Hey)
Eh, here we tell' the real one'
(Bilardo is on the beat, oh)
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