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Eh (ah, now yes, bro)
L-Ghent, dog, what e' what
Gonzalo Nawel, from Villa Argentina
Lo' lazy' 'e the corner
Zero weight' with the gile', the band that spends mile'
And the 'lazy' corner making noise to tune
This is so that they hesitate and that no one skates
O le ponemo' chick and that pa' lo' vago' parade
You know how this is, mate.
I put him without but', without fear, without fantasizing
That's why now I want the guacha' to give the perreo
That they move me the cup, we't a lot of smoke and botelleo
I've been seeing you for a while and I have it in my sights
That explosive tail I would like to eat it with a kiss'
Ha, I know I'm a daring
It's that there's no point in being tender to all that.
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Friend e' cheese mouse and for that what I have is punishment
I'm going to give you as if you were my enemy
And pa' the gile' who want bondi with me
I grew up as a guacho between corchazo' and fact' delinquent'
I love the idea, learn and see
This e' flow villero, friend, of pure knowledge
Where they are born the 'better' by law in poverty
Wine and beer, cumbia, head to start the real tour
Now the return is handled by La Villa
Lo' cheto' todo' de rodilla' that the Taurus 'tá that shines
In bulb they are going to have to take this bitter drink
Because I arrive' I lazy them', tie your shoes well'
South zone at full speed, this is Villa Argentina
I am a necessary evil that honks'
And if the 'guacha' beat cantilla'
They passed the room, today we hit 'the tour
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And until the sun comes up it doesn't end
Rhythm, substance and crap, I don't go into 'detail'
You know, street but elegant, with code 'suede'
False 'rocho', they ran out of lies
(ah, now yes, bro) L-Ghent, dog, what e' what (eh)
De G.R., dog
In the West
We 'walk' quiet', that the street I live'
We walk 24/7 on fire, in the blocks' at full speed
Lo' ñeri' in the corner having a beer
Cumbia 4:20 pa' to' los negro' head
Let's go with that
The 'pibitas sandungean of the feet' to the head
Bottles fill the table
And a 'very nice meat' that are not for the grill
I take it home and they hug me
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They tell me, 'Dog, I'm going' to see what happens.'
Her boyfriend is calling her on WhatsApp
Nosotro' in the street knocking down the sheet metal
When he escapes with everything 'him' bandit'
We elope' dawn with my ñeri' fugitive'
'Tamos piola', active 'tamo', do not invent the movie
I hesitate for the county', the DDI investigates me
Because they saw a couple of kilos of mari out there
That we smoked with the band and they were hurt.'
By 'tar active'
Dog, I'm set for mine
No explanation needed
Calmly, we already know that they are re ghosts'
Nawelito, throw the alarm
That the ranch knocks down my attitude and my parla
And go get it
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Bacaneo with those who move the branch
I have cat' coming from the Bahama'
And number in the Billboard, so quiet corduroy
It drives them crazy' my routine
That I am neighborhood, street, humble and do not raise my ego
Breaking a clandestine
I went on TV, on the radio and all 'the news'
But here I'm still in the corner
With mine', with the má'loale', with the most sincere'
Let the 'cheto' make the line
That this is cumbia 4:20, from the street pa' los negro'
Hey, I told you, dog
L-Ghent, dog, what e' what (L-Ghent, what e' what), eh
Gonzalo Nawel, compa, eh
Cumbia 4:20 pa' los negro', dog
Villa Argentina, General Rodriguez, dog
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DT. Bilardo, Maxi El Brother (Bilardo is in the beat, oh)
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