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What if I miss the words
If only I want to explain
That everything is good, close and right
Important, blessed, finally silent
It seems as if it's actually like this
What's closest to you
Is terribly hard to formulate
Because it measures a hundred thousand pages
And then
I haven't lost anything here
I only found something
And I get nervous, still 2 stations time
The hand on's heart and fast
A few more patches on the sore
Line 14, spit me out, I'm ready
And not
And I'm waiting for you
A bit of everything
And live a bit too much
I took way too much
And so little delivered
And my mirror image looks sad
After all, I have to long every day
And I wonder how you can stand it?
No longer understanding oneself
And then
Then I stand next to me
And I kram in all the sentences
They sound so smart when I'm no longer
This is not a love song
This is a 'I understood'
A 'whatever happens here finally makes sense'
for me
And I'm waiting for you
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