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It's happening listen to it
It has not been seems that they are
Opposites are several rocks but you
love come my complexes but we bring
Come on, I put the strong puncher
elongated his Our Father and almost me
Exceed one gram in the mirror Look at
They approached and threw several bullets but
none hit at that time the
This one even made me laugh because they knew it was
by the sunburner by inspiring on the
Extra expense sang the horn and in the
Glass took off the magic one nothing more
I'm missing four steps dirty and there
It's where we failed my crazy compa
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did not control the car well and in a
smile was where we crashed
They pierced bullets my smile was erased
and even my life went away
16 25 and 24 are a governing force
maximum by
if I wage war but I am ahead of myself
between breastplate bullets but in the
They went through when he opens the door to
get out of the car my blood this
Promotion This will be followed by two hours in
Heaven I ask forgiveness for my actions
I'm going to this life but they won't go away
Impacts so much adrenaline no longer felt
the puntazos winds or mountains by the
Pass that has given me when I least thought
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my arms didn't answer me I fell to the floor
weak before was and now does not rest my
Body already thrown for hell
Where we go
is cousin Rancho Miles Lumbre Music
and chanted of the jale and I can no longer find the
Exit It doesn't matter to risk your life
Put me to do something here
tie the eggs I have to swallow came out to
all be for better life even so I'm going to
dying I was given a vest that
tells me which is my new family member no
I can let you down
always patrolling and a polito that I
incites to attempt against another life is
There are other candidates
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Your body fails us to shoot several
Skull to hell to take away
In my mind there is no longer piety and I do not
It's scary to kill shadow
but I don't care
sometimes I miss what used to be but
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Fuerza Regida is composed of José Ortiz Paz (also known as JOP; lead singer), José García (tuba), Samuel Jaimez (requinto), Moisés López (tololoche) and Khrystian Ramos (guitar). The group was originally formed in East Los Angeles in 2015 as a cover band.
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