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Life is a beast that is
Killing slowly and I don't know anymore
What will happen after
Do everything and no longer have to do anything else
It's this bad idea that nothing could make me better
What I did no longer means anything if in the end I feel bad
Everything I think someday is going to kill me
Want to hug me, then tell me that I'm going to be alright
Like when I was a child who in the end did not know what
The life he wanted was not what he believed
All he wanted
stop this from happening
calm that beast
And be able to change my life
i tried so many things
for trying to calm her down
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And no matter how hard I try, I can't anymore
I can't anymore, I can't anymore
What's life about if there's no pain?
Why do I spend my time avoiding it?
I want to think that tomorrow will be better
My inner voice screaming it
Everything is fine, calm down, breathe, you can fall
Now look up, enjoy the good
What does life have, let the feeling decide
between systoles and diastoles
waiting for the catastrophe
sitting under the trees
Hug me and give me back my faith
Let's talk about what already was
Stay and pour yourself another coffee
From the past you came to see
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and i showed you why
Crying I approached the mirror, and I saw myself in the distance
Memories of other times, black and white movies
The mind and its tangles, I drink until I fart
I want to overcome fear, I must trust again
But here we are alone, like rooftop dogs
With the heart in ruins, the egos trample us
And they walk like owners of the place
That's why everything I think about is going to kill me one day
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Eduardo Hernández Saucedo (born 19 January 2001), known professionally as Ed Maverick, is a Mexican singer, songwriter, musician, producer and multi-instrumentalist of folk, alternative and rock music. He started his music career a solo artist, by sharing his songs on social media platforms. Maverick gained fame after the release of his debut album, Mix pa' llorar en tu cuarto (2018) and his hit single in Mexico "Fuentes de Ortiz", later certified diamond by the Asociación Mexicana de Productores de Fonogramas y Videogramas. After signing a record deal with Universal Music Mexico in 2019, his debut album was reissued and subsequently reached the number two of the Mexican Album Charts
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