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Para qué me hacen de enojar
Why do they make me angry
Así le dije al gobierno
That's what I told the government.
Si saben como me pongo
If you know how I wear
De peligro soy violento
Danger I am violent
Nomas calenle poquito, que al cabo me encanta él pleito
Nomas calenle poquito, that after all I love him lawsuit
No me asusta lo que dice
I'm not afraid of what he says
Me contesto aquel muchacho
That boy answered me
Me ordeno con muchos huevos
I order myself with many eggs
A ver bajese del carro, así me gustan bravitos para amarrarlos y pasearlos
Let's see get out of the car, so I like bravitos to tie them up and walk them
Agarré aire muchachito
I grabbed air boy
Y no me levante él pecho, parecen muy hombresitos, usted y sus compañeros
And do not raise my chest, they seem very men, you and your companions
Ta' bonito ese uniforme para que lo manche mi cuerno
Ta' nice that uniform to stain my horn
Vieran como les train ganas, oficial se los confieso
You will see how you train you, officer I confess them
No se le olvida la gente él desmadre que le hicieron
He does not forget the people he messed up that they did to him
Mataron gente inocente y otras desaparecieron
They killed innocent people and others disappeared
Si no quieren por las buenas, entonces que sea ala mala
If they don't want to do good, then let it be bad wing
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No me interesa quien seas, no me asustan tus palabras
I don't care who you are, I'm not afraid of your words
Ahí vienen mas compañeros usted de esta no se salva
There come more companions you of this is not saved
También ahí viene mi equipo, es mas aquí van llegando 25 trocas llenas
Also there comes my team, it is more here are arriving 25 full trolleys
Diganme si mas les traigo, 3000 cuernos se quedaron esperando echar chingazos
Tell me if I bring you more, 3000 horns were waiting to throw chingazos
Porque le cambio la cara, ahora si estamos completos
Because I change his face, now if we are complete
Primero piense para hablar, tomelo como consejo
Think to talk first, take it as advice
Somos gente de las 4 letras que trai él chaleco
We are people of the 4 letters that I brought the vest
A como les traigo ganas, oficial se los confieso
As I bring you desire, officer I confess
Ya saben donde buscarme que los manden para aquel cerró, los espero con mi gente
You know where to look for me to send them to that closed, I wait for you with my people
Digan que dijo él gallero
Say he said
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