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I'm calm as a kingston guy
Insolent, neither god nor master, on my skate I walk like bart simpson
They say we don't know how to rap
Mais derrière le mic', ils se mettent à trembler.. #parkinson
People ask me' what's it like when you drill
So soon I stop and I walk in the gers
I'll buy a house, I'll forget
And after three years, I'll come back and fuck everything
Untraceable, I'm in the eye of the Cyclops
It's more than rap, brother is hip-hop
You've got ears that's cracking, I think I have the antidote
Parker, peterson, gillespie, bebop
Be careful, we can't predict what happens
Whether you're rich, how successful you are, you pay the same rate
And I may do rap yes, fill rooms
In the end, they always leave with the guitarist
Even if I like it, I try to avoid the bedo
I want to go around the world but I only have a metro ticket
We're not credible, that's oli and bigflo
Our crew is cali, vianney and tryo
You're a victim, I come like a Viking on your land
And I'm debiting my gimmicks like e.t. in this rap game
And I liquidate the teams of all types who want my loss
Their DJ never felt the touch of vinyl
I worry when sometimes I'm a torchbearer
We're the bodywork, our fans are the engine
Music, you can do it with your head
You can do it with the balls, we do it with the..
My pen hits on the cart
It flows from source, yes I have the groove, no need to talk about it
Rap addiction, I'taffe my diction but the dirty, I avoid it
I climb a rank, I have the phrasing of davis miles
I rap love, I'm not part of these cowards
I do not like the noises that run, I prefer the sounds that work
But in my head I have not pierced, I am only a spectator
'You do what in life - 'I would like to be a rapper'
Even if I saved the world in 48 hours
There would always be guys to insult me on twitter
But nothing serious, I hold the bar like a skipper
Take your picture with me, you'll just have to say it's for your little sister
Pricking if necessary, but at the base we are polite
Come see us at festival, our audience is madness
On drums it's bigflo, at the piano it's bigflo
On the bass it's bigflo, on the trumpet it's oli
And I could start singing, I have music in my heart
When I had no plan b sound, headphones
Yes I liked to take time off, she dried my crying
When I screwed up
And I don't trust myself, like the angry ones, I hate myself
Already 21, time passes quickly, I have to hurry
I still don't know how I find the inspi of my texts
Oli yes it's fine and you're several in my head
As long as we stay ourselves, it's fine for us
You can see us in the latest clip of kery james or at Hanouna
I have ideas that fight in my mind
I can say 'white', think 'black' and show you 'grey'
Boca supporter, I don't touch coca'
I send you into the background like the right of tony yoka
We meet at the occasion', my music is local
My goldfish is watching me turn in my jar
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