That one who really wants to bring me down, let them show their face
I'll handle them however I want, I'll face them alone and I don't need a gang
I confront them on my own and I choke the people who are on the other side
It's becoming a habit for me to kill two or three of those who give orders daily
Today I won't receive them because I'll give you a consultation at your place
I don't want many patients because many people die without fault
They say in business it's always the partners who betray you
When the cheese is really good and it's worth a high price, and the cow is a kicker
But I'm a stubborn bull and they're going to swallow whatever comes out of me now
The Twin Towers fell, my grandmother died, they were important
Don't let them fill you with lead if we are drug traffickers
As my remorse, I feel like giving you a great gift
What color do you want the box? Do you like silver or golden?
Don't forget on your journey to deliver a message to your former gunmen
Make sure they have no doubt that I have fun with the widows
With this, I bid farewell, I received a beep that's like a bomb
Mexico, United States, Panama, Peru, Venezuela, and Colombia
They're with me directly, I have Cuba and Puerto Rico in my pocket
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