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There was the moon, there were stars
There was a new emotion on the skin
There was night, there were flowers
Even in the dark you could see the colors
There was a desire to still be together
Maybe for fun anyway we get
Going around hand in hand
And tell us that for us the world is strange
Once upon a time or perhaps there were two
There was a cow, a donkey and an ox
There was a night with only one star
But it was great bright and beautiful
And if he goes there maybe we go to the sea
So in the water we can splash
And then swim, be dead afloat
We'll check if the moon is still yellow
And while the others still sleep
Maybe they dream of us
And as the sky clears
We'll watch tonight that ends
Time goes, hours pass
And finally we will make love
Only once or all of your life
Let's hope before summer is over
Time goes, hours pass
I wish I could not wash the smell
To-night yet to be understood
But too bad it will have to end
If everything passes everything has already passed
Too bad I haven't figured it out yet
Even if you're no longer in my fingers
Tonight I'm going to remember her all my life
And if tomorrow I miss you
It's because I don't have any more sky in the room
I'm going to have a picture to remember
Than I could tell you that night
Time goes..........................................
If I don't have any more words in the drawer
A poem I never said
An adventure to remember
When I don't have anything more to say
When I walk down the street
Whichever way it goes
Every time I go back to the sea
I'm going to have something to remember
Time goes..........................................
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