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Ulises Bueno
16+ | Intermediate | Cuarteto | Argentina
"Intento" by Ulises Bueno is a song about a relationship that didn't work due to the lack of commitment from both parties. The narrator feels lost in the labyrinth of his partner's cowardice, and although he tries to fly, he feels that time is slipping away. The song is upbeat which creates a contrast between the upbeat music and the nostalgia the narrator feels for the relationship that is gone.
Ulises Mauro Bueno (Córdoba, Argentina, June 26, 1985) is an Argentine quartet singer and composer. Ulises ventured professionally into the world of music at the beginning of 2002, at first interpreting songs by his brother and various artists, in pubs, bowling alleys and other places in different cities of Argentina. The song "Intento" (cover of the Spanish group Fondo Flamenco), gave him a boost in his career, since the song exceeded 120 million views on YouTube and placed him in the framework of the best Argentine singers in 2016, becoming the first and only quartet song to exceed this figure. He has won several awards for the best cuarteto album.