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The song "Tengo Tu Love" by Sie7e is about how love is more important than material possessions and superficial qualities. The singer compares himself to other famous people who have wealth and fame but emphasizes that he has something much more valuable - the love of his partner. He highlights that simple things like good conversation, spending time together, and having a strong commitment to each other are more important than expensive gifts or luxurious lifestyles. The song is a celebration of love and the idea that true happiness comes from meaningful relationships, not from material possessions or external validation.
David Rodríguez Labault (born July 7, 1977) is a Latin Grammy winning Puerto Rican singer and songwriter who uses the stage name Siete (usually stylized as Sie7e). David Rodríguez Labault, known as Sie7e by his birth date, studied sound engineering in the United States, while collaborating with several music projects. After returning to Puerto Rico, he started working in advertising. In 2005, he decided to dedicate himself to music, releasing his first eponymous album the following year. Beyond that, he has released two more albums, the last one being Mucha Cosa Buena, in 2011. On November 10, 2011 he won the Latin Grammy for Best New Artist.